Why is Jalisco most identified with Mexico?


From the mariachi, the cinema, the chivas, we are going to explain to you why Jalisco has given identity to the whole country and the meaning of being Mexican.

Jalisco gives its identity to Mexico

Mexico in 1821 was born as a mixture of two bloods, the American and the European, however, we were born denying our American past and we want to be more like our European relatives, this is how the first century of life was lived In our country, in salons where Waltzes were played, whiskey was drunk and dressed in European fashion.

Mexico could not survive divided and if a national identity was not found, and Don Porfirio Díaz was the one who planted that little seed. In 1905 he wanted Mariachi music for his birthday, so he sent for one from Jalisco and by 1907 he made the first significant change, he dressed them as charros.

The search for national identity continues in the post-revolutionary years and it was during the government of Lázaro Cárdenas where the prototype of Mexican to follow is sought, the Europeanized Mexican or Native American is not sought, the mixture of the two bloods is sought and in Jalisco they found him.

Jalisco gives identity to Mexico, tequila, mariachi, and charros are taken to build this model, in the state of Jalisco there is no important pre-Hispanic culture, and the Europeans who came to the stadium became Mexican, unlike the CDMX where they always marked a line.

Mexican cinema as a mechanism of influence

What is the Mexican from Jalisco like? He is good at heart, fair, hardworking, brave, and insightful, he likes to have fun, he is a partygoer, a player, a partygoer, but he goes to mass on Sundays, he has deep-rooted family values ​​and he is looking for a good woman to marry and settle down.

The cinema of the golden age resorts to Jalisco to set the scene for their films and to idealize the Mexican they wanted as a model, films like:
This is how you want in Jalisco.
Ay, Jalisco, do not freak out
Until Jalisco lost, Jalisco
never loses.
I am also from Jalisco.
A gypsy in Jalisco.
Pretty las tapatías.
Las chivas rayadas.
Among many others are films that exalted the values ​​of the men and women of Jalisco.

The Mariachi

The mariachi is from the south of Jalisco, from Cocula as the song says, what does the word mariachi mean or where does it come from? mariamchi in Maya means: those who have the same blood, another version is that it comes from the French mariage, which means wedding.

The oldest mariachi is the mariachi Vargas de Tecatitlan 1898.

The mariachi began to become popular in CDMX thanks to Indalecio Hernández, who opened a food restaurant in Jalisco in the Plaza Garibaldi, there in the 20s, and where to entertain he had mariachis to play live.

Lázaro Cárdenas in his electoral campaign was accompanied by a Mariachi band and that is how his music reached the entire Mexican republic.

Today the mariachi is the intangible cultural heritage of humanity
The second anthem of the Mexicans is the song Guadalajara, Guadalajara composed by Pepe Guizar in 1936.

Las Chivas. Soccer arrived in Jalisco in 1906 and since then the Guadalajara club has not stopped competing in regional, state, and national leagues, it is the oldest club in Mexico that has never stopped its activity.

Where does the Mexicanism of Chivas come from?

From the First World War, it is no secret that the founders of the team were French, English, Spanish, Swiss, and Belgian, but with the First World War, many of them returned to Europe leaving only Mexican teams in the teams.

Why are the Chivas so popular?

In the capital the most popular teams were foreign players, even representing foreign communities such as the real club Spain and Asturias, in the 40s they began to look for that Mexican identity and in sports, a club from the province appeared, made up of Mexican cigars, that begins to compete with foreign clubs like Spain and Asturias.

Where does the name Chivas come from?

From a mockery of the other club in the city, Atlas, a sports reporter, an Atlas fan, writes in the newspaper that Guadalajara played like goats jumping in the mountains, and from there they began to call them Chivas as a joke.

What is the future of Guadalajara as a club?

It is a difficult future, and unfortunately in a couple of decades, it will only be a popular club in Guadalajara and Jalisco, losing its strength in the rest of the country and the USA.

The Charrería

Although the charros originally are not from Jalisco but from the state of Mexico, the most famous charros thanks to the cinema of the golden age are those from Jalisco, again in search of the prototype of Mexican, the country lifestyle, the charro of Jalisco played by Jorge Negrete, Pedro Infante or Luis Aguilar is the role model.

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