These are the 10 most sought after Mexican tourist destinations for autumn


The desire to travel of Mexicans is flooded with a passion to enjoy the warm and nostalgic atmosphere at this time of year.

The fall of the leaves of the trees heralds the arrival of a time when brown and ocher tones cover the landscape with a nostalgic hue. Although in most of the territory of Mexico the seasons are not very marked, autumn is not without that attraction of enjoying a quiet walk during a warm afternoon in tourist destinations.

For this reason Booking, the travel platform, has identified the cities and beaches most sought after by Mexicans for October. This season also has the advantage of being, in tourism, low season. For this reason, the agglomeration of people in the holiday sites decreases considerably compared to other times of the year.

Among the tourist destinations most sought by national travelers, the main cities of the country stand out, the ones and beaches that have given us worldwide recognition.

Touristic destinations


Despite the irresistible appeal of the sun and the beach, the country’s large cities manage to position themselves in the first five places on this list. This is perhaps because of the possibility that it offers to take a quiet walk through the streets and enjoy the warm air, while travelers are eyewitnesses of how the treetops begin to lose their abundant foliage .

  • Mexico City: It has the advantage that it is also the Day of the Dead season, for which Reforma avenue is adorned with marigold flowers.
  • Cancun: The cool breeze and gentle air currents are characteristic of fall.
  • Guadalajara: The center of the city is filled with dry leaves that crunch when you step on them.
  • Acapulco   The low season in this destination favors enjoying its beaches without so many people.
  • Playa del Carmen: The climate is less hot during this time of year.
National destinations

The following five places bring some surprises such as the presence of colonial cities, which with their architectural and gastronomic proposal also become captivating tourist destinations during these months.

  • Mazatlán: The absence of rain favors that its famous sunsets can be better appreciated.
  • Puerto Vallarta: The change of season helps to give greater magnificence to its landscapes by the sea and the afternoons on the boardwalk.
  • Monterrey: The intense heat that characterizes this city decreases considerably at this time. This makes it easier to visit its various attractions.
touristic destinations
  • San Miguel de Allende: The magic of this city extends all year round, but in the fall the shades of brown tones give it a different mysticism.
  • Guanajuato: The Cervantino festival that takes place this October floods the alleys of the colonial city with music and culture.

These are the tourist destinations that will awaken the passion of Mexicans to travel during the fall.


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