INEGI reveals the most unsafe cities in Mexico


INEGI revealed the list of the most insecure cities according to the perception of its inhabitants; 69.1% of women feel insecure in their states.

INEGI revealed through the National Survey of Urban Public Security (ENSU) that details the indices and perception of insecurity in Mexico the list of cities in which insecurity prevails. The survey found that 64.5 percent of people over the age of 18 considered that they lived in an unsafe city.

The results released in the same period of 2020 indicated that 67.8 percent of citizens felt unsafe in their cities, while in June of this year the survey resulted in 66.6 percent of the inhabitants confirmed having a perception of insecurity in their cities.

The most insecure cities according to the perception of its inhabitants over 18 years of age are six, in which this guideline increased; Fresnillo (94.3%), Ciudad Obregón (92.5%), Irapuato (91.7%), Coatzacoalcos. (89%), Naucalpan (88.3%) and Zacatecas (86.1%).

The places where citizens feel most insecure in their cities are at ATMs with 75%, when approaching public transport with 68.7%, in banks with 61.4%, and on streets, they use daily with 56.2%.

Regarding the perception of insecurity by gender, 69.1 percent of women answered feeling more insecure and 58.8 percent of men, respectively.

The cities with the least perception of insecurity by their inhabitants are; San Pedro Garza García (14.5%), Benito Juárez (21.8%), Los Cabos, José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas (22.2%), La Paz (27.3%), San Nicolás de los Garza (28.6%) and Saltillo ( 29.5%).

Mexico Daily Post