Deported Afghan family returns to Mexico safely


Mexico City. After a long wait, this Sunday the Afghan family that had been deported a few days ago was able to cross the gates of the Mexico City airport and feel safe.

They arrived on a flight from Istanbul, Turkey, where last Thursday they were sent by Mexican immigration authorities who prevented them from entering the country, even though it has been documented that they needed humanitarian protection.

Different factors had to be combined for the Foreign Ministry to intervene and agree to give them humanitarian protection.

The couple, she was seven months pregnant, did not hesitate to hide their emotion when they saw their Mexican friends, who have supported them throughout this process. When they crossed the door of the lounge in the air terminal they melted into long hugs.

The two young Afghans, he, 28 and she, 27, cried for several minutes and thanked both their friends and the staff of the Institute for Women in Migration (Imumi), an organization that disseminated the case and took the necessary steps to be recognized as people in need of humanitarian protection.

For protection, it was asked to keep the names of the two young people in reserve.

He appreciated the support and being able to be in Mexico. Professor by profession in Afghanistan, he affirmed that since the return of the Taliban – a few months ago – to power, there are risks and dangers in his country, for which they have long decided to leave.


Mexico Daily Post