Tlaxcala promoted at Berlin International Film Festival as “Firefly World Sanctuary”


In order to sensitize the population about the care and conservation of fireflies and their environment, the State Government through the Secretariat of Tourism (Secture), the interdisciplinary artist Antonio Isaac Gómez and the National Commission for Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity (Conabio) presented the film “Biolux”, a work that contains three device components; a movie, virtual environments and a live concert.

As part of the tourism promotion and environmental care axes of the administration headed by Lorena Cuéllar Cisneros, the Secture exhibited the project that conveys the importance of caring for and conserving the coniferous forest that allows the region’s endemic firefly to continue with its reproduction year after year.

The head of the state agency, Josefina Rodríguez Zamora, pointed out that they have the opportunity to project Tlaxcala from the use of natural resources, applied in regenerative and biocultural ecotourism.

Cuéllar Cisneros declared that it is time to improve the tourist offer so that the state of Tlaxcala becomes a more competitive tourist destination.

Rodríguez Zamora thanked the artist Antonio Isaac Gómez, for the work he did in the forests of Nanacamilpa and Calpulalpan, for the recording of the film “in which extraordinary and sensorial moments can be experienced, in addition, to realize the natural richness that Tlaxcala has to offer”.

The film was selected to participate in the Berlin festival, which will place the fireflies of Tlaxcala under the spotlight of a major European Film Festival.

In an interview Isaac Gómez pointed out that with the project he seeks to create the relationship between art, science, and nature, for the conservation of the firefly, BioLUX is a work that has been invited to several international and national forums, in the same way, he thanked the support provided by the state of Tlaxcala to carry out this important project.

The film will be presented at different art festivals, and in addition, it will be shared with different tourist service providers to promote Tlaxcala as the “World Sanctuary of the Firefly”, in order to sensitize potential visitors about the importance of this unique ecosystem. The footage will be distributed in digital media so that everyone around the world can watch and enjoy this natural wonder of the state of Tlaxcala.

In addition, Secture Tlaxcala presented a sound-vision and virtual reality show, where attendees were able to observe this natural marvel that takes place every year in the forests of the municipalities of Nanacamilpa and Calpulalpan, Tlaxcala.

Source: Urbano

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