The transformation of Mexico into the next great innovation powerhouse


What is the main contribution of Mexico to the world?

What is the main contribution of Mexico to the world? In tourist places we can find all kinds of souvenirs that list, which identity characters, tequila, tacos and chili, as if it were a shopping list. At the commercial level, beer, tomato and the now famous avocado appear named as the main exports of our country. A serape from Saltillo, the Chihuahua mountains and the Cozumel sea, the song reads, but among all the natural riches, history, culture and gastronomy, who are we out there?

Putting it in cold terms: we are the fifteenth largest economy in the world. Decontextualized, this data is neither big nor small: we are the cradle of one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs globally, but we also have a severe problem of inequality, with more than 40% of Mexicans living in some degree of poverty. With its contrasts and nuances, the economic reality of Mexico is more complex than it seems.

However, the digital age could present a different picture, if the appropriate measures are taken to take advantage of all the advantages that Mexico has to become a leader in innovation. It is not only a privileged geographical location, which allows it to be a bridge between Latin America and North America, but the talent of Mexicans themselves raises a proven potential of creativity and ingenuity, which refer to and go beyond one of the platforms key technology: color displays.

Under the label of “developing country” we can see further and stay with the positive, that capacity to grow and adapt that characterizes true leaders. Despite the multiple challenges, Mexico has established itself in recent years as a key pillar of world engineering, producing critical components for the automotive, aeronautical and electronic sectors, building the necessary expertise to make the leap towards one of the most important sectors. demanded in our days: the technology industry.

To show a button, a button called Jordi Muñoz, who made drones a product accessible to the masses, when before their use was exclusively for military operations. Talent exists, and if the necessary tools are made available for it to flourish, it can significantly impact the national economy.

With the human factor guaranteed, the next point is investment, and that is where this comparison of distances between the sky and the United States is favorable for us. Faced with the exponential growth of the technology industry around the world, with a particular rise in the Asian region, the North American market has the ability to remain competitive by working together.

Derived from this new space race, Mexico has been gaining ground as US technology provider, generating an economic benefit of over 25 million dollars from the export of these products, only in the first half of the year. Such figures reflect a substantial opportunity for Mexico not only at the commercial level, but also to become a manufacturing hub in the face of a boom in digital solutions to come.

As a result, more and more American companies are bringing operations to the country, which has earned the state of Jalisco the support of the “Silicon Valley” in clear allegory of California at the beginning of the century and that today represent 54.70% of the entity’s exports.

Beyond the production of hardware, the implementation of infrastructure projects is also gaining more and more strength in our country, favoring entities such as Querétaro where the deployment of data centers represented a spill of more than 1,050 million dollars and the generation of more than 1,000 jobs during 2020 alone.

In other words, it is becoming more and more evident how Mexico is establishing itself as a productive zone for the technology industry, from the manufacture of devices and parts, to the integration of network and infrastructure projects that enable the data ecosystem of the future.

With talent and investment, the triad is completed with the conversion of the Mexican technology industry to a proactive vision; that is, to promote the development of new projects and initiatives related to the IT market, but of Mexican origin, to make the leap from the workforce to research and development. We can say that this journey has already advanced a certain stretch, not only building a fertile field for entrepreneurship, we can even refer to more than one unicorn that is opening the gap for other startups, also solidly covering the segment of software, applications and general code development.

In terms of technology, the local entrepreneurial culture is beginning to bear fruit significantly with initiatives that range from the digitization of sales in the automotive industry to the democratization of electronic payments through the mobile device, through projects related to health, insurance, and the avant-garde Fintech market, a sector in which our country has stood out for regulating early and efficiently. Without a doubt, the field of national entrepreneurship deserves its own detailed analysis.

In short, Mexico has the necessary conditions to make digitization a springboard for economic leadership. However, beyond business partners and manufacturing muscle, what Mexico has to offer the world is its ability to innovate. Because the most valuable asset of our country is the Mexicans themselves.


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