Mexican migrant deported after being reported by a relative for not sending money to buy an iPhone 13


Los Angeles, California.- He never thought that not sending dollars for a relative to buy an iPhone 13 would cost a Mexican his stay in the United States.

The man originally from Sinaloa and who had already been illegally for several years in the neighboring country to the north was arrested this Sunday morning by immigration police in Los Angeles, California.

The head of ICE in Los Angeles, David Marín reported that during the week several calls were received informing the name and address of this person who, according to the complaint, was in the country illegally and was also a very dangerous type.

“There were several calls where they insisted on the same thing, we investigated and located the person who was in fact illegally, but on the fact that he was very dangerous, we did not find any action or antecedent to prove it. When interviewing the man, he declared that a relative of his had threatened to report him to the “migra” if he did not send him dollars to buy an iPhone 13, but that he did not believe he would dare to report him, “says Marín.


Mexico Daily Post