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Google Maps will also be updated to include new features for cyclists and scooters.

The Google Maps app is one of the most used to know the best route when driving and even walking, it is also possible to find in detail the status of traffic, estimated arrival times, and alternative travel routes .

Now, with the most recent update, Google Maps will be able to trace routes that help reduce polluting emissions from cars, which will also help you save gas and be more environmentally friendly.

The name given to this function is ecological routing, which combines a short path with the least polluting to be able to trace the route. In addition, during the Sustainability With, Google announced news for users who use bicycles or Scooters through lite navigation.

For people who travel by bicycle, the routes shown by the application are now more detailed and real-time instructions are added so that they can take the best route, in addition, the use of the screen on is not required to be able to listen to what the app. Another feature that it includes is that it shows elevations or other obstacles that come into being on the route.

Another novelty that arrives is dedicated to people who use scooters in a shared way, now the stations that are nearby will be shown and even how many are available, this update is about to arrive in Berlin, Taipei, New York, and Sao Paulo, but they are looking that reaches the whole world.

At the moment, this update is only available in the United States, for devices with Android and iOS, however, Google announced that by 2022 it will seek expansion to other countries and its arrival in Europe.

With these routes, Google reduces more than a million tons of carbon emissions each year, this is equivalent to 200,000 cars, the icon within the application has the shape of a leaf emphasizing the ecological and will also tell us how much fuel we can save if we take this path.

How to update Google Maps to the latest version for free? Step by step guide

Google maps is one of the first applications that Google created for Android; In addition, it is the most consulted and used map app by users. Over time it has been including other applications such as Google Street View or Google Earth to be able to become the software that we all need to use for certain functions in our day-to-day life. Hence, it is very important to know how to update Google Maps to the latest version, because surely you also use it often.

This application is used to search for offline maps, plan routes, find out how to get to certain places, discover different places using your mobile or use GPS. There is also a variant of the application to be able to use from the desktop of your computer; This is Google Earth, which is well known for the existence of that little orange doll that pretends to be a pedestrian and shows you at street level an almost exact vision of the place you need at all times and that is updated often so that you know how it is the world from your armchair.

Google maps allows the performance of a series of functions, among which are: zooming in or out of the maps using the mouse or keyboard buttons, controlling the zoom also with the + and – buttons, selecting a specific area on a map, finding businesses Within the perimeter indicated in the search, creation of steps to reach an address also offering the time and distance traveled between the locations and an endless number of functionalities that increase with each update.

 Update the Google Maps app on Android phones

How to update Google Maps Android cell phone step by step

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In April 2005 they began to create a satellite view with images provided by DigitalGlobe, which takes its images with the QuickBird satellite. Some photos are shown by airplanes flying at a height of about 10,000 meters, called orthophotos. In any case, for security reasons, some of the areas have been darkened to avoid security problems; For this reason, you will not be able to visualize, for example, the White House, Area 51, or even the areas of the poles.

Being an app widely used on Android mobile devices, it is essential to have the new versions to use them correctly from smartphones. To be able to have the latest update of the Google Maps application  On your Android cell phone, you just have to follow the simple steps indicated below:

  1. It is best to do it through the Google Play Store . Therefore, to begin you have to access this Android official store.
  2. Once opened, you have to click on the menu, indicated by a button with three thick horizontal stripes .
  3. Next, you have to click on the option ” My apps and games “.
  4. You will access the list with all the applications that you have installed on your cell phone. You have to search among all of them the application ” Google Maps ”
  5. When you find it, position yourself on it and click on the ” More ” button , which has a vertical three-point drawing.
  6. Now click on the button that says ” Update automatically “.
  7. A process will begin that will download the necessary files and execute the update without the need for the user to intervene .

* Note: This process may take a few minutes depending on the size of the application, although it is normal to invest a few seconds in it, for this it is recommended to do it when we are connected to a Wi-Fi network trustworthy. In addition, it may sometimes ask us for a username and password to carry out said update. This is only a procedure requested on some occasions for greater security, but it is not usual. Another way to update Google Maps from the Store is the following:

  1. Inside the Google Store  search for the app by its name , entering it in the main search engine.
  2. Once it appears, click on it. You will access your file. In this there will be two buttons:
    • On the left is the one for ” Uninstall “, which obviously serves to uninstall the software from your phone (* Be careful because in some terminals it comes from the factory and cannot be uninstalled).
    • The right button can indicate two things, ” Open ” or ” Update “.
      • In the event that you come across the first option, Google Maps is up to date .
      • If the button with the indication ” Update ” appears, there is new content to install. Press it and the process will begin as we have described in step 7 above , as this is another way to access the update, but the end result is the same.

* Note: It may be that the update has been done without having to access this menu on the part of our mobile phone, because you have already configured its automatic update. If when accessing it as we have indicated, you are not given the option to perform the update, it is simply because there is no new version available.

 Update the Google Maps application for an iPhone cell phone

New updates Google Maps for iPhone

To be able to update Google Maps On your iOS device and, above all, on your iPhone, you must follow a series of steps. It may be that this application updates automatically on your device, without the need for your intervention. You will be able to know that this has been done if you see a blue circle above the name of the application .
Anyway, you can check if it is up to date and, if not, you can do it yourself through the App Store . Let’s see the steps to follow below:

  1. Open the App Store  ; You may be asked for a username and password.
  2. In the lower menu bar, you must choose the last section ” Updates “.
  3. If it has a red circle with a number inside it  indicates that there are applications with pending updates.
  4. Once inside, look for the application ” Google Maps “.
  5. When you find it, you should notice that next to the version there is a white button with blue letters where it says ” Update “. If this is the case, it is because there is a new version that you can download and enjoy.
  6. Click on this button and the update will begin .
  7. When everything is finished, the blue circle that I mentioned at the beginning of the section will appear.

* Note: The update could also be done through the iTunes program, but it is a slightly more cumbersome methodology and requires a USB connection from your device to a computer or desktop computer. This slows down the procedure. As we have explained, it is much easier and you only have to use your iPhone for a minute.

 Download and install the APK in the latest version of Google Maps

This way of updating applications on your Android phone is ideal to be able to have full control when carrying out the update, which, in addition, can be carried out even if you do not have an internet connection. It can be done in a simple way by following the following steps :

 Download APK Google Maps latest version

  1. First of all, you must open the ” Settings ” section  on your phone.
  2. Scroll to the ” Security ” section, which is usually within the ” More ” option in the menu. Here, activate the option of ” Unknown sources ” or ” Unknown sources “.
  3. You will likely see a security warning. If this is the case, you must click on the ” Accept ” button .
  4. Download this APK file corresponding to the Google Maps update  that we provide above, is 100% safe.
  5. If you have done it from your computer, you only have to connect via USB and take the file to place it on your device . If you have done it from the cell phone itself, you must open the application tray or touch the notification that tells you that the ” Download Complete ” has been made .
  6. When you want to have the new content of the app, find the downloaded file and double click on it .
  7. A series of options will appear. You must click on the ” Install ” button located in the lower right corner.
  8. Once the process has been completed, you will be able to enjoy the application on your phone without much difficulty and always manually controlling its future updates.

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