Off-road vehicles reported running over turtles in Guaymas Sonora (video)


From the state of Sonora, a video was broadcast on social networks in which the death of a sea turtle is reported, after being run over by a raicer- type vehicle, on the beaches of San Carlos, in the municipality of Guaymas.

In the disseminated images it is appreciated how the remains of the specimen could have been crushed, in an area where the animals come to spawn.

What is known about the video and the report of the turtles being run over in Guaymas, Sonora?

In the video, shared this Sunday, the corpse of a sea turtle can be seen, which is inspected by the wildlife veterinarian Elsa Coria Galindo, who points out that the chelonium’s skull was crushed and that, apparently, it had been very injured.

“We see that the skull is also broken. In this case, we cannot know if this was part of the hit-and-run. Although from the evidence we see here, it is likely that what happened (was that) a vehicle hit her when she left her home. The turtle was very injured, the shell is very broken, it was probably very badly injured and it is probable that someone saw it suffering and, probably, euthanized it ”.

The veterinarian emphasized the injuries to the skull: she highlighted that it was split in two and that the cut that caused the wound was “very straight.

Before the discovery and analysis, Elsa Coria Galindo stressed the importance of respecting the habitat of sea turtles, as well as giving them their space to reproduce where vehicles usually circulate at night.

They report the death of at least three turtles

The video was released by journalist Águeda Barojas through her Twitter account, who highlighted that, recently, the remains of three sea turtles have been located in this area, where the specimens come to spawn.

In the same way, in another of her tweets, Águeda Barojas called “juniors” the people who are dedicated to circulating about the raicers in this place where the turtles arrive.

Also, in her Twitter account, the journalist recalled that in 2020 she had already reported this situation in GuaymasSonora.

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