Los Cabos businessmen push for El Medano Beach vendors to be regulated


Leonardo Perly, president of the Entrepreneur of El Médano announced that any commercial activity must be regulated and within the statutes determined by the authority not only of Tax Inspection but also that which has to do with hygiene and safety, a subject that many edges To attend, authorities will have the challenge of regulating economic activities in the emblematic beach of Cabo San Lucas.

“Many people sell products and food that are not allowed, they are attending and working on it, although not enough evidently, but they have seen a rebound in street vendors.”

He stressed that authorities are taking action, in the face of this situation because the problem has been exposed in forums in order to have feedback from the authority and in which I work that does not stop.

He concluded that nowadays actions should be strengthened to discourage the proliferation of street vendors, waiting and the new authorities improve actions, the destination must change progressively, since the seasons change, so this administration has a very important challenge and in which the Entrepreneurs of El Médano are available to support.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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