Sinaloa minors with an injunction will be vaccinated for covid next week


Sinaloa.- The orders of the judges who gave their ruling in favor of minors receiving the vaccine against COVID-19 will be followed by the Health Institutions as soon as possible, said Dr. Efrén Encinas Torres, Secretary of Health in the State.

The Head of Health in Sinaloa, explained that to date there are 27 cases of girls and boys who will be vaccinated under an Amparo, however, of these only 7 have the process concluded, which is why they are possibly vaccinated at the Hospital of the Institute Mexican Social Security next week.

Thus, the head of the Health unit asked the judges, lawyers and relatives of the 20 minors who have not yet completed the process to approach the Health, Welfare Institutions, IMSS or the Ministry of Health itself to present general information; your location, telephone numbers, the judge’s ruling and the medical report to proceed with the vaccination.

“To provide information regarding children to be vaccinated, boys and girls who are under an order of a judge in their protection seeking vaccination for Covid, in that sense I must report that there are 27 cases of this type of claims before a judge, of which They are distributed between the Mexican Institute of Social Security, the delegation of Welfare and the Ministry of Health, the reality is that we are all seeing it as a single group, of which of the 25 cases, 7 we have practically completed the entire administrative scheme, located, their telephones, the corresponding medical note and they will be vaccinated in the next week ”, he indicated.

He added that, of the 7 cases of minors that have already concluded their process, 5 belong to the municipality of Mazatlán and 2 from Culiacán. Likewise, it is expected to be able to collect the information from the rest of the minors and conclude their processes to grant the complete vaccination scheme as soon as possible as it is regulated and indicated by the judge, by emphasizing that it is a matter of fully complying with the indication in for the protection of children.


The Mazatlan Post