Fashion Week México: Everything you need to know about the next edition


With the 2021 edition, Fashion Week in Mexico celebrates its XV anniversary, and on this occasion, it travels from Mérida to CDMX.

Many things are celebrated in this edition of Fashion Week Mexico 2021. Not only is the return to the catwalks in person after a complex year and an edition in a totally digital format, the 15th anniversary of the event also joins the celebrations, which gives a total of 30 editions of trajectory, which have served as a showcase to give voice to the various paths in which Mexican fashion continues to evolve. 

Fashion Week Mexico 2021 began on this occasion, welcomed by the Mayan-colonial infrastructure that characterizes the capital of the state of Yucatan. From October 1 to 3, the creations of Vero Díaz, Collectiva Concepción and Armando Takeda paraded in Mérida , as a prelude to the collections that will be presented mid-month in Mexico City. They were also joined by a happening with Carla Fernández and Daniela Bustos Maya

After these initial presentations, preparations are being prepared to give place to those to be held in the center of the country, whose main objective is to enhance and celebrate the fashion, design, as well as the Mexican creative industries. On this occasion, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico will work under three main axes: luxury, Mexico and sustainability. 

What is Fashion Week Mexico? 

Fashion Week Mexico 2021 will be held from 10 to 15 in CDMX
Fashion Week in Mexico began with a prelude in Mérida.  COURTESY. 

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The Fashion Week in Mexico is a biannual event that takes place in Mexico City to celebrate the best of the Mexican fashion. The venue of the event changes with each edition to present the most recent of the new collections in iconic venues of the city. During the first quarter of the year, the autumn-winter collections are presented and at the beginning of the fourth quarter, the spring-summer collections take place. 

When is the XV anniversary of Fashion Week in Mexico? 

The 2021 edition of Fashion Week Mexico also coincides with the 15th anniversary of the event. With the desire to grow, innovate, support and communicate Mexican talent, this event has been growing and evolving that shows what has been done in Mexico to promote and generate an industry that is solid and constant. 

‘This passion is what makes us today celebrating XV years of existence, XV years of Mexico and its fashion. Embracing the feeling of what is Mexican and what has been done in Mexico is the engine of continuing and going for many more years. Together we form a chain of which you are one of the essential links, ‘ Beatriz Calles, director of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico, wrote in a press release. 

Collectiva Concepcion in Mrida
With this edition the XV anniversary of Fashion Week Mexico is celebrated. COURTESY. 

When is Fashion Week Mexico 2021?

Fashion Week Mexico 2021 will be held from October 10 to 15 with presentations and luxury experiences in Mexico City, the main venue of the event. 

What will Fashion Week Mexico 2021 be like? 

This year’s edition will maintain a limited capacity for guests to comply with security protocols and prevent the spread of Covid-19. It is possible to register on the event website or follow all the parades through their social networks and enjoy the digital version on their YouTube channel.

Which designers will be at Fashion Week Mexico 2021? 

In this edition of Fashion Week in Mexico we will see the proposals of Alexia Ulibarri, Alfredo Martínez, Carla Fernández, Cristeros, Daniela Villa, Francisco Cancino, Julia and Renata, Kris Goyri, Lorena Saravia, Lydia Lavin, Marino, Pineda Covalin, Pink Magnolia and Vero Díaz. 

The great celebration for the fifteenth anniversary of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico ends at the main headquarters: Mexico City

Mérida carried out the departure for the great celebration of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico for its XV anniversary, with this celebration 30 editions of the journey in total are fulfilled.

The jungle paradise hosted the parades of Vero Diaz, Collectiva Concepción and Armando Takeda, which will take place in key places of the Yucatecan culture. After this preamble, from October 10 to 15, the presentations and luxury experiences in Mexico City will continue.

Mérida, a city that is part of the ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, is located in the perfect coordinates to officially inaugurate the most important month of Fashion Week Mexico, a fashion, culture and tourism agenda will be carried out that will encourage a sustainable economy region of.

A feast of fashion

For the platform, the conscious use of the resources used to carry out the luxury experiences and fashion shows that will take place in this first moment will be essential.

Faced with the imminent changes in behavior in the consumption and production of fashion, sustainability is the most relevant and urgent pillar for the present of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico, and the future of the industry.

In a parade, we will present the collections of Vero Díaz, Collectiva Concepción and Armando Takeda as well as a happening with Carla Fernández and Daniela Bustos Maya in the capital of Yucatán, named for its architecture, under the category of small cities as the best city in the world. due to the design of its buildings and its characteristic Mayan-colonial infrastructure.

The great celebration for the fifteenth anniversary of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico ends at the main headquarters: Mexico City

An electric brand

At the time of the 30th edition, the sustainable way to make this way of life and thinking a fundamental requirement in production processes, as well as the root of the creativity of new generations of designers.

Adding to this fight against climate change and in favor of sustainability, Mercedes-Benz is preparing to be a completely electric brand by the end of the decade and presented the latest in its electro mobility strategy in Mérida in an exclusive event prior to the start of the 30th edition of the MBFW in our country.

In the different activities of the weekend, Mercedes-Benz will present the connectable hybrid versions of its vehicles available in Mexico, such as the GLC 300e 4MATIC and the E-Class 350e, considered by many as “the heart of the brand” now in version pluggable hybrid.

After a weekend in Mérida, the celebration of the 30 editions of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico will continue in Mexico City from October 10 to 15, a date agreed to honor and celebrate the fashion, design and creative industries of our country under the axes “luxury, Mexico and sustainability”, we set a new objective: to form an industry based on ethics responsible for its creative environment.

We seek that the creative sector that we promote finds awareness in the sustainability models for its businesses, thus contributing from the platform to present collections and experiences with a vision consistent with the global panorama.


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