U.S. sanctions 4 members of the CJNG who coordinated drug shipments from the port of Manzanillo


The US Treasury Department detailed that those sentenced belonged to the CJNG in Manzanillo and other parts of Colima.

The United States Government announced this morning sanctions against four Mexicans whom it accuses of leading the drug trafficking operations of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) from the west coast of Mexico.

The US Department of the Treasury specified in a statement that those punished are the brothers Aldrín Miguel Jarquín Jarquín and José Jesús Jarquín Jarquín, as well as César Enrique Díaz de León Saucedo and Fernando Zagal Antón.

The director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the Treasury, Andrea Gacki, highlighted in the note the importance of strategic places such as the port of Manzanillo, in the Mexican state of Colima, in international drug trafficking.

“This port on the Pacific coast is used as an important entry point for Colombian cocaine and chemical precursors imported from Asia, including those used to synthesize fentanyl for final distribution in the US,” Gacki said.

The Treasury explained that the Jarquín and Díaz de León brothers are relevant members of the cartel in Manzanillo and other parts of Colima, while Zagal Antón is a subordinate of those three sanctioned.

As a result of the sanctions, the assets that these people may have under US jurisdiction were frozen and they are prohibited from financial transactions with US entities.

The Treasury warned that the CJNG’s struggles for control of Manzanillo and other strategic enclaves in Colima have turned this western Mexican state into one of the most dangerous in the country, and stressed that last year a federal judge.

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