Patzcuaro is the non plus ultra destination for a Day of the Dead experience (VIDEO)


One of the most anticipated festivals this year for “Day of the Dead” is that of Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, where the streets are painted orange by the marigold flowers that reach the pantheon where the offerings are in the tombs on November 1 and 2. 

The Night of Souls is part of this event that this year could leave visitors out due to the health emergency of Covid-19 with the intention of taking care of the residents. 

In the Lake of Patzcuaro the celebration begins with the preparation of the favorite foods for their deceased, in the streets, the festivals brighten the day with songs and traditional music, among which the dance of the fishermen stands out, which is a tradition in the region.

The celebrations to commemorate the Day of the Dead in Mexico find their maximum expression on an island in the state of Michoacán, Janitzio; right in the middle of Lake Patzcuaro.

Cempasúchil flowers flood the pantheons, candles illuminate the path of souls and place food to receive them, songs and prayers are recited throughout the night.

Flowers, music, and traditional food cannot be absent on the Day of the Dead in Janitzio. … When they arrive at the graves of their deceased, they place beautiful embroidered napkins on the graves and deposit there the foods that were their favorites in life. They decorate the grave with flowers and candles.

Janitzio, Michoacan

Source: El Heraldo de México / Nightlife Mexico

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