Mexico fines Kimberly Clark and other companies for price-fixing


A regulatory commission in Mexico fined three manufacturers of tampons and diapers just over $15 million Monday for allegedly conspiring to fix prices for the products.

Mexico’s Commission on Economic Competition said the price-fixing probably cost consumers about $73 million in artificially inflated prices.

The three companies did not respond to requests for comment on the fines.

Photo: Kimberly Clark Mexico

The commission charged that the companies agreed not to compete on prices for diapers from 2008 to 2014 and on tampons from 2011 to 2014. It said the price-fixing was especially egregious because it affected the health and hygiene products that families depend on.

The companies fined were Essity México, Kimberly Clark de México and Productos Internacionales Mabe. The commission said Mabe did not fix prices on tampons but did on diapers.

Source: El Economista

Mexico Daily Post