In Oaxaca, garbage collectors dump trash at mayor’s house; they demand a salary increase


The workers threw garbage in front of the home of Oswaldo García Jarquin, as a protest to request increases in salary and equipment to carry out their work.

Cleaning workers and garbage collectors threw garbage outside the house of the municipal president of the city of Oaxaca, Oswaldo García Jarquin, as they accused that they had not received a response to their demands for a salary increase and delivery of equipment to carry out their work.

Cleaning employees moved a collection truck that they filled with garbage and emptied it in front of García Jarquin’s home, located in the north of the city.

The workers of the union “3 de Marzo”, which provides the cleaning and garbage collection services, closed the city of Oaxaca with 30 blockades, both in the main accesses and strategic roads, as well as in the area of ​​the historic center. This slowed down mobility, therefore, various transport and cargo services had to suspend activities.

In addition, the protesters demanded that the municipality renounce his car and that his collective labor contract be fulfilled, which includes the payment of benefits, delivery of bonuses, and resources for the maintenance of the garbage collection trucks. They also requested the payment of fuel and the delivery of equipment to face the covid-19 pandemic, uniforms and that the dismissed personnel be rehired.

The state government approved a loan to solve the blockades in Oaxaca.

The general secretary of the “March 3” union indicated that, on several occasions, various hearings have been demanded with the municipal president, but he has not wanted to accept them.

He denounced that many vehicles with which garbage is collected in the city are broken down and their repairs have not been paid. While those that circulate do not have fuel subsidies. “We have searched for the mayor through various channels and we have knocked on the doors of his offices, but he refuses to dialogue and resolve the demands; He argues that he no longer has money and that the administration is already being handed over to the newly elected authorities, but  

we cannot wait that long, “they say.

State government authorizes loan for 20 million pesos

Governor Alejandro Murat said he received a call from the municipal president Oswaldo García Jarquin where a loan was requested from the state government for 20 million pesos, which has already been authorized and deposited by the state Finance Secretariat.

However, despite the fact that he now has the money, the mayor has not been able to speak with the unemployed workers to lift the blockades in the city.

For his part, Alejandro Murat regretted that citizens have voted for municipal authorities that are not up to their demands, as the city has been going through various problems for a long time, such as garbage, insecurity, repairing streets, and problems. lighting, among others.

A garbage collection truck was moved and emptied in front of García Jarquin’s home.


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