How much does a soldier earn in the Mexican military in 2021? From general to soldier


These are the salaries of the elements with the highest and lowest rank in Mexico’s military hierarchy, from major general to soldier, from the sky of 111,000 pesos a month, to the ground of 12,500 pesos.

The Sedena considers 14 ranks below the Secretary of Defense, the highest military authority in Mexico, and incorporated into the civil Cabinet of the Executive Power. The military also has a Christmas bonus and vacation bonus.

The position with the best rank and best salary are that of Major General, who receives a net monthly salary of 111,000 pesos; the salary with the lowest benefits is that of a soldier, the lowest rank in the military hierarchy, with 12,500 net monthly pesos.

How much does a military man earn in Mexico 2021?  From general to soldier

Below we share the Table of assets (ordinary monthly earnings) of the military personnel of the Mexican Army and the Air Force.

RankTotalNet amount
Major General159,460.31112,026.88
Brigadier General145,141.47102,687.30
Brigadier General125,594.4989,903.09
Lieutenant colonel68,898.2451,769.63
Captain 1 / o.45,434.4635,618.85
Captain 2 / o.40,558.8032,188.74
Second lieutenant21,012.7217,269.78
Sergeant 1 / o.17,133.7114,624.30
Sergeant 2 / o.16,595.3214,215.25

Benefits granted by SEDENA to the military

The salary of the members of the Mexican Army and Air Force is made up of the following items that we list below:


Remuneration of personnel who perform their services in the National Army, Air Force, and Navy.


Additional salaries that are covered to active military personnel in response to the increase in the cost of living or unhealthy conditions in the place where they render their services.

Technical Service Compensation

Allocations intended to cover transitory services provided by the Deputies and Senators of the Congress of the Union and their administrative personnel, as well as civil and military personnel, other than those indicated in item 13403, compensation for special services.

Guaranteed Compensation

Assignments that are awarded on a regular basis and are paid based on the valuation of positions and the salary level to public liaison, command, and peer servants, in terms of the authorized tabulators.

Additional Allowances for Salary, Food Pantry and Service Aids

Cash amounts that the federal executive grants to public servants of the agencies and entities as support for the family economy. Includes multiple social security, compensation for development, and training, among others.

Special Technician Assignments

Complementary remunerations to the salaries of the Generals of the Army and Air Force, as well as the Admirals of the Navy that are authorized by the head of the branch and those that he himself authorizes in special cases for the Heads and Officers of the Army and Air Force, Captains and Officers of the Navy.

Savings Fund (FA)

Allocations destined to cover the quotas that correspond to the Federal Government for the constitution of this fund, in the terms of the Law of the Social Security Institute for the Mexican Armed Forces.

Collective Retirement Insurance (SCR)

Allocations destined to cover the premiums that correspond to the dependencies and entities, for the concept of the collective retirement insurance of the personnel at their service, according to established contractual agreements.

Income Tax (ISR)

It is the payment to which natural and legal persons are obliged, in accordance with the Income Tax Law, applying to military personnel in compliance with the provisions of Title IV, Chapter I of this Law and the same Title and Chapter of its Regulation.

Vacation bonus

Annually, 20 (twenty) days of salary (base salary) are covered for vacation premium.


40 (forty) days of salary (base salary) for a year-end bonus.

Perseverance bonus

In accordance with the Law on Promotions and Rewards of the Mexican Army and Air Force, the following percentages are covered as a perseverance premium based on monthly credit:

Years of servicePercentages
Four. FiveFour. Five%

In addition, personnel who accredit studies at the undergraduate level and who meet the requirements established by this SEDENA, are granted a “Technician Assignment” equivalent to (40% of the assets) monthly.

Other benefits of belonging to the Mexican Army

Men and women who join SEDENA have access to the following benefits and benefits from the moment they are active:

I. Comprehensive medical service for the military man and his heirs;

II. Benefits and economic benefits upon entering the Armed Institute

  • Monthly credit and surplus.
  • Vacation premiums.
  • Year-end compensation.
  • Saving Fund.
  • Compensation for services.
  • Life insurance.
  • Group retirement insurance.
  • Help for burial expenses in the event of the death of the military’s beneficiaries.
  • Death payments in the event of the death of the military man.
  • Funeral service.
  • Child welfare centers.
  • Inexpensive pharmacies.
  • Stores and service centers.
  • House room for rent.
  • Holiday periods and granting of ordinary licenses.
  • Pension for the beneficiaries in the event of the death of the military man.
  • Tourist services carried out through agreements with civil societies and other Federal Dependencies.
  • ISSFAM scholarships (for children of military personnel with the rank of Soldier to Sergeant 1 / o.).
  • Agreements with universities and educational institutions to carry out studies at a higher level, master’s and doctorate depending on the education that the interested party has.
  • Scholarships and credits for scientific and technological training depending on the education that the interested party has.

Other benefits and economic benefits for Mexican Army personnel who meet certain requirements:

  • Having retired after 20 years of services rendered to the Armed Institute.
  • Retirement home for retired personnel over 60 years of age.
  • Unsecured Loans Normal (from 1 Year, 2 Months of service time for the Soldier hierarchy forward), Special (from 10 years of service time for Staff Sergeants 2 / os. And Corporations and 8 Years for Sergeant 1 / o.).
  • Mortgage loans for troop personnel with more than 7 years of service from Banco del Ejército and 10 years from ISSFAM
  • Recognitions and rewards for outstanding acts in the different activities carried out in the Mexican Army.
  • The possibility of entering any of the military training campuses of SEDENA, in order to improve professionally.

With information from the Ministry of National Defense

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