Which destination is more beautiful Huatulco or Puerto Escondido?


The beaches in Puerto Escondido and Huatulco, Oaxaca are famous for their very natural and dreamy landscapes but if you have to decide on any of them, here we help you decide:

Oaxaca is one of the perfect states to enjoy a good vacation, whether you are looking to immerse yourself in Mexican culture or want to enjoy exotic mountains and coastal landscapes. Without a doubt, Oaxacan beaches are among the most popular nationwide, so taking advantage of your trip to visit them is one of the best ideas, but in the event that you can only visit one destination, here we help you decide.

Huatulco and Puerto Escondido, two beach destinations in Oaxaca that you certainly cannot miss when visiting this entity. Despite being so different, both are famous nationally, but which one is the best? We will see its characteristics below.

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What are the beaches of Huatulco like?

Huatulco is one of the three most visited destinations in Oaxaca since here you will not only find a beach to enjoy but several bays. Huatulco is a perfect vacation destination, as it has great recreational options and a solid infrastructure in both lodging sites and tourist services.

Puerto Escondido is one of the most trending destinations in the world since here you will not only find an exuberant and quite private landscape of nature, but you will also be able to enjoy services focused on much more modern concepts and trends and even global competition.

Which destination is more beautiful Huatulco or Puerto Escondido?

As you can imagine, deciding between two destinations in the same state is quite complicated, but the characteristics of this destination are what will make the difference when deciding, either because of your personal tastes or the experience you want to have.

On the one hand, Huatulco is a perfect destination for the whole family, since you can enjoy different types of services and an exuberant landscape, on the other hand, Puerto Escondido in addition to this beautiful landscape there are services much more focused on trends and on a public youthful, so if you are looking for something different this is a good option.

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