A police mobilization took place this Wednesday in the municipality of Tizimín after the report of the theft of two backyard chickens.

In the Tizimileña police station of Socopo, a woman called the Municipal Police when she saw that a man, about 60 years old, entered her property and escaped with two of his birds.

Mrs. Deysi M. Colli P., 68, notified the authorities of the theft and several units of the Municipal Police arrived at her property.
The victim identified the thief by the name of Paulino P. Fernández, an elderly person who was part of one of the emerging Community Support programs of the State Government.

The agents met with the defendant and he accepted the blame, for which he was arrested and interrogated.

He confessed to having sold the two chickens for 60 pesos to one of his neighbors, revealed the location and the police took him in handcuffs to the place of the transaction.

There, 38-year-old citizen Adriana M. Tun confirmed Don Paulino’s information and returned the birds to their owner.

Source: presidiomx.com

The Yucatan Post