The 50 “Mexicans” most wanted by Interpol in the world


Accused of various crimes, a total of 50 Mexicans are among the 7 thousand 703 people listed in Interpol’s “wanted” catalog. 

Mexico.- Although he is one of the best known, Rafael Caro Quintero is not the only Mexican who is wanted by the International Criminal Police Organization ( Interpol ). 

There are a total of 50 nationals who are listed in the catalog of 7 thousand 703 people, between men and women who occupy their place in this list of the most wanted worldwide for crimes ranging from: fraud, murders, drugs, among others. 

Rafael Caro Quintero and the 49 "countrymen" most wanted by Interpol in the world

About Rafael Caro Quintero are accused of committing violent crimes in aid of racketeering (4 counts) and conspiracy to crimes committed violent aid of extortion to kidnapping a federal agent, kidnapping a federal agent and murder . 

Rafael Caro Quintero and the 49 "countrymen" most wanted by Interpol in the world

Another character who also achieved great social knowledge due to the fact that he held positions in the Mexican Government, is César Duarte Jaquez, with charges of: aggravated embezzlement, a crime foreseen and sanctioned in article 11, section III, of the general law on crimes electoral, hypothesis related to the public servant who illegally allocates funds that he has at his disposal by virtue of his position to support a political party.

Rafael Caro Quintero and the 49 "countrymen" most wanted by Interpol in the world

There are three women on the list, Katia Celina López BayardoSabina Marín and Enriqueta Jiménez Molina on the following charges: robbery aggravated by the use of weapons and association to commit a crime; child theft; aggravated assault and putting a child’s welfare at risk, respectively. 

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About Interpol

The International Criminal Police Organization is the largest international police organization with 194 member countries, making it one of the largest in the world, surpassing the number of countries joined to the United Nations by one.

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