Sensational Inauguration of “La Mansión del Pirata” in Mazatlán (video)


Mazatlán, Sinaloa,-Undoubtedly, Mazatlán is setting a very interesting pattern in terms of its Social-economic-tourist-cultural evolution. This is despite the problems that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused everyone. Things have taken a very positive turn here. And it is that in the most difficult moments of this situation, investments, although it is true, in the face of uncertainty, stopped, but not to stagnate, but the Mazatlecos and those who have set their eyes on Mazatlan, that little pause they made was to take a bigger boost than they already had. 

Inauguration of Mazatlán Pirate Mansion September 2021 (4)

Motivated by the spectacular and explosive development that this destination has been reaching for approximately a decade, which was pivoted with the opening of the Mazatlán-Matamoros highway and then consolidated with the celebration of the 2028 Mexico Tourist Tianguis.

Inauguration of Mazatlán Pirate Mansion September 2021 (2)

In the midst of the pandemic, the investments for Mazatlán did not stop, on the contrary, they increased, the flows of tourists the same, and we have to recognize that the state and municipal authorities have been doing an excellent job and this has resulted in a fully modernized, updated Mazatlán, improved. We can well say that even before the Tianguis Turístico, Mazatlán was a very different one from the current one.

A real example of what we mentioned in the project, now a reality, Thematic Museum: La Mansión del Pirata. Even that is headed by Zacatecas and Jalisco businessmen who, precisely in the midst of the pandemic, dedicate a great effort and investment to it. Of course, these entrepreneurs are visionaries and they knew how to take Mazatlán’s pulse, that is, they realized that despite everything that was happening Mazatlán was financially very attractive. They also realized that the destination lacked thematic developments, particularly family ones. In the same way, they knew how to read its history and realized that there was a vein in it larger than the gold of the pirates. Another thing they valued was that in an area of ​​the city of Mazatlan, virtually forgotten by the Mazatlecos, there was an incalculable potential and there,

This is how the idea arises first, then the project and tonight this great Thematic Museum is officially inaugurated: La Mansión del Pirata, which is made with all the world-class museum, technical and security specifications, it is also made by professionals, who know what they do and where they want to go.

In a very short time, we can assure you that this Thematic Museum will become one of the favorite attractions of locals and visitors, and we all have to push in that sense, that is, each of us from Mazatlan must support this project, either recommending it, visiting it and, above all, making it part of our jewels to show off.

Another aspect that must be highlighted about this museum is that it is made with great affection and in that sense, all those who collaborate there show a great love for it, with which they infect those who visit it and that makes the experience unique and very enjoyable.

Muy pronto la Mansión Pirata en Mazatlán



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