Mexico City is among the 20 best cities in the world


After asking 27 thousand people around the world, our beloved city won a place on the list

The best of the best is in this ranking made by Time Out Global. And it is that despite the fact that in the world there are about 500 thousand cities, 27 thousand people agreed that only 37 of them deserve recognition today. Year after year this survey focused on culture, food, and entertainment has been carried out, but this year especially in which we continue to survive a pandemic, we were curious to know the state of the cities, taking into account that all they faced difficult times.

It is no surprise that Mexico City has a place in this index, its varied and diverse offer in cultural activities, nightlife and leisure spaces cannot be denied. Although after the closure it was seen, the Mexican capital knew how to get ahead: it opened new spaces on terraces, expanded its number of bicycle lanes, and businesses with sustainable approaches saw the light. That is why in 2021 Mexico City is the 19th best city in the world.

The place that we wanted to make known to the world was Arca Tierra, a food and community space that offers organic meals in a chinampa. Thanks to ingredients from local producers you can attend a delicious feast with a great landscape in the background.
Due to the conditions that have been experienced in the last year, the list took into account on this occasion community projects, green spaces and aspects related to the environment.

This, added to the cross responses of the rest of the categories, resulted in San Francisco, Amsterdam, and Manchester leading the ranking, both large cities won their place this year also excelling in the sustainable issue.

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