Cantoya Guanajuato Balloon Festival 2021. Everything you need to know


Where will the 2021 Cantoya Guanajuato Balloon Festival be?

Ilumina el cielo en el Festival de Globos de Cantolla

The 2021 Cantoya Guanajuato Balloon Festival will be held in the municipality of Uriangato. 

Cantoya Balloon Festival Date

This cultural event will take place on Monday, October 4 at 7:00 p.m. in the Main Garden of the municipality of Uriangato.

An important fact is that this festival will take place within the International Meeting of Carpenters.

Globos de Cantoya... Sueños, Deseos y Prosperidad | PM ART

Meet the guests

Here are the guests who will participate in the balloon festival:

  • Local Tour: Tapeteros and globeros de la loma
  • National Tour: Chpíri Etetsï Balloons from Paracho, Michoacán; Balloons Art and Tradition of Paracho, Michoacán; Sleepless from Paracho, Michoacán; Araquen de Paracho, Michoacán and Cantóyuz de Morelia, Michoacán.
  • International Turma: Magical Home of Brazil and Ancón of Colombia.
Para globos, los de cantoya - Mexicanísimo

Invited artist

The group that will liven up this festival is Grupo Cuervos

People who go to this event must wear face masks at all times, keep a healthy distance and bring antibacterial gel.

Globos de cantoya | Linternas flotantes de papel, Linternas del cielo,  Skate fondos de pantalla

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