“It is collapsing”: Loret de Mola criticized the AMLO program “Young People Building the Future”


The journalist assured that the program is in the sights of the Superior Audit Office of the Nation due to the irregularities

Irregularities in the registries, budget cuts and the Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF) observing closely, is how one of the star programs of the Fourth Transformation unfolds: “Young People Building the Future”.

In his column for El Universal, the journalist Carlos Loret de Mola detailed the current conditions of this initiative of the government headed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) and how this may indicate that “it is collapsing.”

The first of the conditions that the reporter writes about has to do with the budget cut that throughout the six-year term has decreased considerably, compared to the first years in which the program operated.

According to what was written by Loret de Mola, the program used 40 billion pesos in 2019; in 2020, it dropped to 25 billion; in 2021 it was 20 billion and by 2022 it is planned to stay at that figure.

The budget reduction is justified by the authorities as a result of the program meeting the objectives, but based on the column, the situation is so serious that the ASF has already begun to observe carefully due to the amount of fraud and lack of supervision.

There has been a 50 percent budget reduction since the program began (Photo: TW / @ horacioduarteo)There has been a 50 percent budget reduction since the program began (Photo: TW / @ horacioduarteo)

“Do you want to receive money from the government without anyone asking you? Simple enough: make it up, you have, say, an internet cafe. Put two computers together in your living room, arrange your dining room chairs as if they were adjoining spaces for clients, take a photo, say that you own an internet cafe and that you are going to train two young people. Who is it? They can be your nephews. Nobody is going to verify anything: neither that the internet café exists, nor that the kids are real, nor that they actually go to train ”, the journalist ironically commented.

Even he said, the situation would have reached the ears of the president because the irregularities were not just outsiders as it was known delegates and sub – delegates who were putting as beneficiaries to their workers home, drivers, children and relatives, so that made a complaint of the situation to the Secretary of Public Function.

However, Young People Building the Future is not the only program that is experiencing complications, since the so-called “Servants of the nation” has been used by governors of the National Action Party (PAN) and the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) co-opting the who are in charge of registering businesses and young people in the program by having them enlist their electoral bases.

Data from Youth Building the Future

Youth Building the Future has more than 300 thousand registered centers throughout the country (Photo: https://www.compartamos.com.mx)Youth Building the Future has more than 300 thousand registered centers throughout the country (Photo: https://www.compartamos.com.mx)

According to information from the Youth Building the Future portal, there are 361,251 registered centers throughout the country so that those interested can begin their insertion into the world of work.

In total, there are 321,756 apprentices59.3% are women, being 190,775 those who are performing functions in the registered centers; while, 40.7% of the people who are in the program are men, the exact figure being 130,981.

Regarding the schooling of the apprentices, the population that has the highest educational level in high school (148,060 people), then secondary (83 969), undergraduate (49, 483), primary (29,709), technical career (10,074) predominate. and postgraduate (463).

1,439 people with a disability are registered in Young People Building the Future. 72% of this sector has a sensory disability, 17% motor disability, 6.9% multiple disability and 4.1% mental disability.

The age that prevailed in the apprentices is 19 years, later the apprentices with 18 and 23. The age with the fewest registered apprentices is 29.

Source: infobae.com

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