Real Estate in post-pandemic Mexico


The beach real estate sector is experiencing remarkable growth derived from the pandemic and today it represents an excellent option for those looking to invest.

Aldo Cervantes Aragón, CEO of The Ocean Group

A little over a year after Covid-19 shook us abruptly and will not only affect public health worldwide but also the way we live in general, our habits and lifestyles were affected and forced to change.

In turn, the way we see the place where we live has changed, the isolation/confinement awakened in many and mainly in the people who live in big cities to rethink their lifestyle and the square meters they have for their day. day. Directly influencing the quality of life that one has, this made many think and in a particular way, those who can carry out their work or run their businesses remotely and that prior to the pandemic little had been considered that idea.

The home office is undoubtedly a challenge for most, something few were used to, but it also became an opportunity, derived from this many people saw in the beach destinations of Mexico an option to make isolation somewhat less punished, and being able to carry your work activities with a laptop on your legs and feet in the sand.

If there are more factors of well-being for a person in a certain place, the greater the possibilities of choice.  According to this survey, it was highlighted that security, housing prices, climate, and the cost of living will be essential to enter a new city.

The survey, which was conducted with people between 41 and 55 years old (generation X) 40%,  between 21 and 40 years old (millennials) another 35% have and the remaining 24% are people 56 years or older (baby boomers), showed various proposals :

Top 5 in search

According to the responses of the participants, the most promising states of the country to move would be  Querétaro, with 31% of the preferences; Yucatán, with 26%; CDMX and the State of Mexico with 18%; Quintana Roo, with 15% of the preferences; and finally, Jalisco with 12% of them.  


Regarding the most desired climate, 46% of those surveyed stated that they would look for nearby beaches and 43% would go to metropolitan cities, so Yucatán and Querétaro meet expectations.

Among the entities with the greatest offer both for rent and for sale are Jalisco with a property listing growth of 13% from March to August 2020,  followed by CDMX with an increase of 10%, and in third place Querétaro with +2 % in the same period, according to the real portal

It’s definitely a different perspective that changed the rules of the game for many businesses and for entire families. Being able to enjoy longer periods (months) on a beach became a reality that began to be noticed and became a trend in the second half of 2020.

According to associations such as the AMPI (Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals), interest in the purchase and rental of real estate in destinations such as Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cancun, and Puerto Escondido skyrocketed rapidly and continues to grow.

In this last destination (Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca) the supply of rental properties reached such high demand that it exhausted the available inventory and made it almost impossible to find an apartment or house to stay in for a couple of months. Since a couple of years ago, the Puerto Escondido real estate market had been receiving a notable growth that the post-Covid point out, making the place a national trend and that in this year 2021 it will be included in the list of the 100 most outstanding destinations in the world. world by Time magazine named as a “ Rising Design Destination” And ranking number 5 in the world’s Top 20 of the most sought after cities in the Hostel World Group 2021 ranking, which in turn includes 4 more beach destinations in Mexico on the list. (1. Cancun; 2. Tulum; 6. Playa del Carmen; 10. Isla Mujeres and 5. Puerto Escondido, respectively).

Puerto Escondido
Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

Undoubtedly, the beach real estate sector is experiencing remarkable growth derived from the pandemic and today it represents an excellent option for those who seek to invest and generate good returns for their capital, the capitalization value of income is an important attraction if knows how to choose a project or development that has the necessary planning to offer an administration for vacation rentals, with services and amenities for the traveler or tourist. And that the owner can leave his house or apartment in the hands of the operator who will ensure that his unit will be managed in the least way and with high-quality standards, ensuring his investment and goodwill.

Speaking of where to invest in Mexican beaches as in food there is everything and for all tastes.

Million dollar homes in Huatulco and Los Cabos or more affordable condos in Puerto Escondido and Tulum under $ 200,000.

Each destination in Mexico has its attractions and a different lifestyle, depending on the stage of life you are in and the needs you have.

When investing in any of these destinations, always think that you will become part of the life of the place and its inhabitants (the locals) who receive and welcome you, but also deserve respect for the way of life, traditions, and customs that carry, as well as the place and the environment.

The beaches of our country are a paradisiacal place, but their great beauty is just as fragile. If we want to continue enjoying the great natural diversity that these destinations offer us, we must adopt a culture of respect and care not only for the environment but also for the social environment of these paradises.

“The intense coexistence between family members derived from the pandemic has triggered the search for new housing spaces, including the possibility of changing the city (…) today we see that families are willing to make the dream of living in a place come true. that offers them comfort, security and space ”,  pointed out Alejandro García del Río, Marketing Director of Inmuebles24. 


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