Expensive air connectivity between Colima and Mexico (OPINION)


by Angel Durán

There is no doubt that air connectivity between Colima and Mexico City is one of the most expensive in the country; since a single airline maintains the monopoly of transport between both cities; what should be observed by the authorities in order to make the transfer of people to Mexico City and others more accessible, in order to comply with a less monopolized public air service but that ultimately helps the transfer of people by air to the capital of the Republic.

The Aeromar airline is the one that monopolizes this transfer service, there have been some other airlines that arrive but, for some reason, it is not affordable; This causes it to cost more a ticket from the city of Colima to Mexico City than from Guadalajara to any part of the United States. Undoubtedly the reason is that there is no competition and this is part that should be taken into account by the authorities that review air transport and make it very accessible to the population, for that they have to increase competition between airlines that can provide this service public.

Colima, Mexico

It should not be forgotten that public air transport must be democratized and socialized, it must be accessible to all social strata since there are many people who travel to different parts of the Mexican Republic but more to Mexico City, so Like the air transport service to that city, it is very expensive since only a single airline has monopolized the service, since only people with a high level of income can do so, excluding more than 90% of the people who need to travel to that city and due to their economic situation, cannot use this transport.

The air service from Colima to Mexico should not be elitist, this issue should be taken up by the transport authorities and make this service more accessible so that the entire population benefits, they should allow competition from other airlines since, for some reason, which surely has to be economical, preferably or any other of this nature, which makes other airlines not operate and their operation becomes unaffordable. There have been some that even charge very cheaply, but immediately they no longer have the authorization to fly from Colima to Mexico and vice versa.

It would be important for the authorities in charge of air handling between Colima and Mexico City to analyze this problem and democratize the air service, allowing competition and lowering prices; It is enough to observe the plane ticket between other cities and the rest of the country to realize that, in Colima, traditional airlines such as Aeromar retain the monopoly of transport by air and since they have no competition, they set the price of the ticket that want.

It is characteristic that in places where there is only one airline, the ticket prices are extremely expensive and the lack of competition from other airlines allows these monopolies to charge absurd high prices for air tickets.

There are many ways to deny a right to people, it is not just by denying the service but also, in this case, not denying that anyone can go by plane to Mexico City, there are some other aspects of an economic nature that if it is not accessible to someone because they do not have sufficient income, this also becomes a denial of rights by the State since it has the obligation to regulate and democratize the price according to the law of supply and demand, but that it is accessible to the majority of the population and on the other hand, to avoid the monopoly of this service, participation in the transfer of passengers to other airlines should be encouraged.

by Angel Duran


Source: Colima Noticias