Aguascalientes: Corrupt CTM union keeps losing collective contract representations


In all NISSAN plants, CATEM prevailed due to a wide difference in the vote count carried out last Wednesday.

At the national level, the Autonomous Confederation of Workers and Employees of Mexico (CATEM) released the results of the vote count carried out on Wednesday, September 22 at the NISSAN Aguascalientes plants, which ended on September 23 at 01: 00 hours, and where the ownership of the collective contract of the workers who work in the Japanese company was in dispute.

The results were the following:


Valid votes: 1023

Votes obtained by CATEM: 586

Votes obtained by CTM: 427

Invalid votes: 10


Valid votes: 1567

Votes obtained by CATEM: 876

Votes obtained by CTM: 691

Invalid votes: 17


Valid votes: 792

Votes obtained by CATEM: 582

Votes obtained by CTM: 200

Invalid votes: 10

In this way, the winner of the vote count was the Syndicate of Workers, Drivers in Transport of Manufactured, Semi-Invoiced, Similar and Related Products of the Mexican Republic, affiliated to CATEM, while the loser was the Unique Union of Workers of the Automotive Industry of the State of Aguascalientes adhered to the Confederation of Workers of Mexico (CTM).


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