According to the Anahuac University, the top 10 careers and salaries expected in Mexico


Choosing what your professional career will be is not an easy task: It is not only about deciding on a degree or engineering, it is also about choosing something that you are passionate about, that offers you a good salary and that gives you the best professional future.

We cannot make the decision for you but we can give you all the tools to have a broader picture by telling you about some of the best-paid careers in Mexico, let’s get started!

1. Chemistry

The chemistry career is very peculiar because it moves between the field of biology and physics, so if you are interested in better understanding the world in which you live and many of the mysteries of living beings, this may be an excellent option.

There are many reasons you can consider studying chemistry, but the main ones are:

  • It is the first place on the list of the highest paid careers in Mexico according to IMCO statistics with an average salary of $ 33,266 pesos per month.
  • You can perform in very good positions in Mexico , especially in the area of ​​business research and private initiative, government laboratories or in the academic sector.

2. Architecture

study architecture

The work and knowledge of an architect are required all over the world, not only in Mexico,   and this is due to their ability to create and transform spaces in which the daily life of their community takes place.

The work field of this professional is quite extensive, with the opportunity to:

  • Design, construct and restore buildings.
  • Create and support sustainable projects among other things.

An architect earns an average of $ 14,000 pesos per month, however, this amount can easily rise according to the number of projects he works on.

3. Physics

This career encompasses much more than what you saw in your high school physics classes. A professional in this area are prepared to face the evolution of science and study the real phenomena and systems that are around us.

And although it may seem like a boring career, you should bear in mind that Physics is the third highest-paid career in Mexico, with an average salary of $ 17,771 pesos per month. 

4. Engineering

study engineering

Maybe your thing is mathematical logical thinking and that is why you should consider engineering for two specific things:

  • An engineer, depending on his specialty, can find a direct path to a successful professional future thanks to the versatility of his knowledge. 
  • Currently, Mexico has a high demand for engineers

It is a very well-paid career with an average of $ 14 thousand pesos a month, however, according to specialization and experience, engineers have one of the best salaries in the country.

5. Environmental Sciences

The new global lifestyle and recent concern for the planet have created a large field of work for specialists in this area.

In fact, Mining and Extraction is in fourth place in the IMCO statistics, with an average monthly salary of $ 14,048 pesos, while in general environmental sciences are in ninth place with $ 15,400 pesos per month. Not bad, right?

6. Finance and Accounting

Finance and accounting

A career in Finance and Accounting will give you the opportunity to get to know the world of financial institutions, banks, insurance, and even build a good reputation on the Mexican Stock Exchange   

The bachelor’s degree in finance is ranked fifth in the highest-paid careers in Mexico, with a salary, according to the IMCO, of approximately $ 16,720 per month. 

7. Medicine

Health professionals are still needed everywhere, and Mexico is no exception. A doctor can find job opportunities in private practice, public social service, and in the research field.

Medicine is a satisfying career, both personally and professionally, since the high demand ensures an excellent future job as a doctor, especially if you choose to continue your studies with a specialization.

8. Law

Where to study law

The legal area is divided into many specialties and you can find excellent career opportunities in various sectors.

The career in Law is located in a good position within the best paid in Mexico and of course, the amount of money per month will depend on the area of ​​specialty, although on average it earns $ 12,157 pesos per month.

9. Public health

Public health professionals are specialists in doing research and promoting health in their community; They are dedicated to creating the medicine and health education programs that the rest of the health professionals must implement.

The field of work ranges from positions in private and public health offices, to international health ambassadors in organizations such as the UN. It is also in the 7th place of the highest paid careers in Mexico, with a monthly salary of $ 16,334 pesos.

10. Business

study business

In an increasingly connected world, business grows and continues to be one of the most important pillars of the Mexican and global economy. If you are creative and like entrepreneurship, then a business degree could be an excellent option.

The growing demand for new products and services will give you the opportunity to do business around the world, and you can even take your business to the digital world, harnessing the power of the internet.

These are just ten career options, yet the world is full of opportunities. The important thing is to find the balance between something that you like to do and that offers you a good future, the rest you will achieve with your talent and determination.


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