From Los Cabos to the world, albino turtles are born on CSL beaches


The Network for the Protection of the Sea Turtle confirms that two albino specimens have been born on the beaches of the tourist destination of Los Cabos, this happened in a nest located in the Pacific Ocean in charge of Carlos Villalobos.

The head of the Network for the Protection of the Sea Turtle in Los Cabos said that the albino turtles were identified from a nest of 109 hatchlings, which are in perfect health and will be released into the sea in the next few hours.

Albino humpback whales have been found on the coasts of Los Cabos, but it is the first time that the birth of olive ridley turtles has been discovered on the beaches of the tourist destination, which represents another attraction for the tourism that visits Baja California Sur.

The consequences for albino wild animals go beyond physical appearance or a reduction in the acuity of some senses. In the wild, an albino animal lacks the necessary camouflage to hide from predators, therefore light colors make it more visible and prone to attack. For this reason, the life expectancy in the wild of albino animals is reduced.

Albino olive ridley turtles are born in Los Cabos:

This disorder affects any animal species, although complete albinism is more common in domestic animals, such as mice, cats, dogs, and rabbits. However, it can also be seen in nature in wild species such as gorillas, snakes, whales, turtles, zebras, killer whales, amphibians, crocodiles, etc.

Famous albino animals

Some of them live or lived because they were cared for in zoos, but they gained a lot of popularity while they lived. These are some of the most famous albino animals in the world:

  • Snowdrop was an albino South African penguin. He died in 2004 at the UK zoo, where he was a true celebrity.
  • Gallon of milk, gray whale in wildlife, Hare’s Eye Lagoon Reserve 2016. “This specimen was observed for the first time during the 2008-2009 season, as a juvenile individual with characteristics of albinism, which gave it its name”
  • Iceberg, male wildlife killer whale, sighted Far East of Russia 2018
  • Snowflake was an albino gorilla, captured in the Río Muni region of Equatorial Guinea on October 1, 1966 by the Fang farmer Benito Mañé
  • Claude is an albino crocodile that lives in California, in the swamp that is inside the Academy of Sciences.
  • Pearl is another female albino crocodile sighted in Australia.
  • Ludwinges an albino lion who lives in a zoo in Kiev, Ukraine.
  • Onya is a rare case of albinism in koalas, currently living in Australia.
  • Albino green sea turtles that lived in the Veracruz Aquarium for about 8 years.
  • Since 1991 there have been wildlife sightings of Migaloo, an albino humpback whale that frequents Australian shores.

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