Tepacaltepec, Michoacan hit by CJNG


While AMLO treats his honorable guests from Cuba, Venezuela, and other countries, five men were decapitated by Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) members during a lengthy offensive in Tepalcatepec, Michoacán, according to local authorities.

The powerful and notoriously violent cartel began an attack in the Tierra Caliente municipality on Tuesday, September 14th, on the evening and remained on the offensive late on Wednesday, authorities said.

The CJNG initially tried to take control of the city of Tepalcatepec but its incursion was met with resistance from residents and the National Guard, the newspaper El Universal reported.

Two National Guard members and a resident were wounded in the clash but were reported in stable condition after receiving medical treatment.

The CJNG subsequently switched its focus to the community of La Estanzuela, located near the border between Tepalcatepec and the Jalisco municipality of Jilotlán.

tepalcatepec, michoacan

Municipal authorities reported that five men manning a checkpoint designed to keep criminal groups out disappeared during the cartel’s offensive in the area. The authorities said CJNG sicarios called family members of the five men from their cell phones to tell them their relative had been beheaded.

A young man who witnessed the attack said his grandfather, father and brother were among the victims. He said the cartel members first shot the men dead before cutting their heads off.

He said he was able to hide and avoid the assault after the cartel members detonated explosives carried by a drone prior to the direct attack on the men. The witness said the armed men took the slain men’s heads as “trophies.”

Source: El Universal

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