Seizures of toll booths a constant problem in Mexico


Mexico road security

The taking of toll booths has become a constant and growing practice in the country.

According to the Annual Activity Report that the National Guard (GN), which delivered to the Senate of the Republic, in 2020 there were 6,815 shots in different states.

“The taking of toll stations in the country has been a constant in which the protection of offices and personnel was established as an initial protocol, because on many occasions the protesters are dedicated to allowing motorists to pass, without paying the respective toll ”, it is stated in the document.

Sonora, according to the report, has the highest record of stall shots, with 2 thousand 16; It is followed by Nayarit, with 1,854, and Sinaloa, with 1,675.

In fourth place appears Mexico City, with 327; then Guerrero, with 192; Morelos appears with 116, while Michoacán appears with 97.

Among the entities with the lowest intakes are Puebla and Guanajuato, with 11; Zacatecas, with 10, and Durango with just 3 three seats taken throughout the year.

Due to the incidence of cases, the National Guard explained, “a strategy was undertaken to allow free movement, based on a dialogue in strict adherence to respect for Human Rights .”

The report does not specify which groups lead the stall seizures, nor the duration times of these blockades.

It indicates that at the national level the National Guard “participated through some operations, solving 360 shots of the booth through dialogue; however, the recovery of the booths in the states of Sinaloa and Nayarit, as well as that of Mexico City, in Tlalpan stand out ”.

Although he does not specify dates, he points out that in Sinaloa, with 412 troops, the National Guard liberated the booths of San Pedro, Costa Rica, Cuatro Caminos, Mármol, El Rosario, and Puente Culiacán.

In Nayarit, with 383 elements, it liberated the Acaponeta, Matanchen, Santa María del Oro huts; Amado Nervo, Compostela; Trapechillo and Ruiz, “resulting from this release, 14 people were arrested for the crimes of disobedience and resistance of individuals.

At the Tlalpan toll booth in Mexico City, 265 troops participated in their release.


Mexico Daily Post