Municipal Mayors office of Altamirano Chiapas burned


As part of the commemoration of the Cry of Independence, residents of Altamirano, dissatisfied with the government of Mayor Roberto Pintor Kanter, burned the municipal presidency, stole computer office equipment, and burned a patrol unit.

The communal residents of the municipal seat of Altamirano violently burst into the cry given by the mayor, who had to flee protected by the municipal police before the angry crowd, according to Apro.

They entered destroying, burning, and looting the mayor’s office as a form of protest against the mayor who is 15 days away from finishing his term, and also in protest against the mayor Gabriela Roque Tipacamú, wife of the current mayor, both from PVEM.

The municipal presidency burned as did a municipal patrol, the only and the last that they had left, the mayor said very early this Thursday.

He indicated that the people who entered stole computer equipment and other electronic equipment, in addition to burning everything, for which he asked the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) to investigate the facts and punish those responsible.

Ejidatarios queman presidencia municipal en Chiapas | Diario de México

Pinto Kanter is considered a local political cacique, who has been perpetuated in municipal political power for several three years, through his friends and family, as now that his wife will be his successor in office.


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