Do you need to go to the bank? better do it today banks closed Sept 16th


Remember that banking activity will be suspended this Thursday due to the holiday, so activate yourself and leave early this Wednesday.

On Thursday, September 16, you will not be able to carry out banking operations directly at the windows due to the holiday that arrives with the Independence of Mexico

All the people who have pending with their banking institution must activate, this Wednesday, since otherwise, they will have to wait for the lines on Friday to carry out any type of procedure that requires direct attention from an executive. 

The National Banking and Securities Commission under a decree of law published in the Official Gazette of the Federation has marked the days on which credit institutions must close their doors and suspend operations during 2021, one of them on September 16.

What other dates do banks not open in Mexico? Here is the data

  • January 1 for New Years
  • The first Monday in February in commemoration of February 5, that is, February 1.
  • The third Monday of March in commemoration of March 21, that is, March 15.
  • April 1 and 2 for Easter 
  • May 1 Labor Day 
  • September 16 Independence Day 
  • November 2, Day of the Dead 
  • Additionally, the third Monday of November in commemoration of November 20, that is, November 15
  • December 12, Bank Employee Day 
  • December 25 for Christmas 
  • Saturdays and Sundays.

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