What is VOX and why is it causing so much controversy in Mexico?


They have raised controversy in Mexico for their opinions on the Aztecs and the rapprochement to the PAN

Senators of National Action yesterday received the president of  VOX, Santiago Abascal, to sign the “Madrid Charter” with which they seek to stop the advance of communism in the “Iberoesphere”.

During his visit to the Senate, Abascal explained that the Iberosphere is a community of free nations with more than 700 million people who share a cultural heritage.

Through a statement, the  PAN  indicated that this “alliance between Mexico and Spain is in defense of freedom, democracy, and private property.”

At the meeting, headed by Julen Rementería, the senator indicated that with the signing of the letter the message is sent to President López Obrador and his radicals that “Mexico will never be communist.”

Although they have caused some noise in Mexico, a large part of the population does not know what VOX is.

The president of the far-right Spanish party VOX, Santiago Abascal, visited the Basilica of Guadalupe; He shared on Instagram a photo of him on one of the steps of the temple. In the attached message he indicated that his attendance was “essential” because, he assured, the Virgin is a “perennial memory of the brotherhood of Spain and Mexico “; He added that the figure also echoes as the greatest contribution of his country in Universal History, ” Hispanidad .”

Why does it matter? 48 hours earlier, the far-right leader met with PAN senators and obtained the signatures of said legislators in favor of the ” Madrid Charter ” where there are a series of postulates against an alleged communist threat in the Ibero-American region.

Reactions. Such was the discontent among the blue and white supporters for that adhesion that that same night the PAN coordinator, Julen Rementería, came out to clarify in a press conference that said meeting had not been held on behalf of the PAN but was strictly individual between legislators. This is despite the fact that the party’s official Twitter account echoed the event.

What does VOX mean and when did it appear in Spain?

Vox is the Spanish far-right party whose leader is, Santiago Abascal.

“VOX is the party of common sense, the one that gives voice to what millions of Spaniards think at home; the only one fighting against suffocating political correctness. At VOX we do not tell Spaniards how they should think, speak or feel, we tell the media and the parties to stop imposing their beliefs on society ”, says the party in its self-definition.

VOX is not concerned about whether his views “are more or less popular” and even claims to fight “against suffocating political correctness”, that is to say feminism, abortion, marriage, and adoption for same-sex couples and euthanasia.

“Our project is summarized in the defense of Spain, of the family and of life; in reducing the size of the State, guaranteeing equality among Spaniards and expelling the Government from your private life ”, they specify.

The name ‘Vox’ is not an acronym, but a Latin term that means ‘Voice’.
According to Vox’s registration as a political party in the Interior Ministry, its birth dates from December 2013 and just two years later it reached the Andalusian Parliament, although it had already stood for the European Parliament elections in 2014.

Who is the president of VOX?

Santiago Abascal is the leader of the Spanish far-right party. He was born in Bilbao and studied sociology at the University of Deusto.

His grandfather and father dedicated themselves to politics, as he did in Amurrio, where ETA violence raged in his youth.

According to Abascal told the newspaper “Crónica”, he is always armed with a Smith & Wesson pistol “at the beginning to protect my father from ETA; now, to my children ”. The VOX leader recounted that he had two dozen threats from that group.

Santiago Abascal, leader of the far-right party in Spain VOX, responded to the remarks made by President  Andrés Manuel López Obrador in his morning conference. The Iberian politician highlighted via Twitter that “no statement from those who embrace tyrants and protect  drug traffickers  will impede our cause in favor of  freedom, rights and the  prosperity  of nations.” He added a message of gratitude to all “(sic) Mexicans who have made us feel at home. Long live Mexico ! ”.

Source: politico.mx, elfinanciero.com.mx

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