Querétaro will have its own Energy Agency


As of October 1 of this year, the state of Querétaro will have its own Energy Agency whose objective will be to promote, encourage and collaborate in the design of public policies focused on sustainable energy development.

In accordance with the Organic Law of the Energy Agency of the State of Querétaro, already approved by the local Congress, the Energy Agency of the State of Querétaro, will be a Decentralized Public Organism of the Executive Power of the State of Querétaro.

“The Agency aims to promote, encourage, coordinate, cooperate, participate and assist in the design of policies, actions, strategies and guidelines, focused on sustainable energy and energy development in collaboration with public and private entities, by taking advantage of the renewable energies in the entity, as well as the promotion of energy-saving and efficiency ”, refers the third article of the aforementioned legislation.

According to said Leey approved this Thursday by the local deputies of Querétaro, in order to fulfill its purpose, the Agency will have various powers, among which are to encourage and promote the rational and efficient use and exploitation of the State’s natural resources.

Likewise, the Querétaro Energy Agency may strengthen the link with public and private organizations interested in locating in the State of Querétaro to build and install infrastructure in energy projects.

“Promote and attract public or private investment, national and international, for the development of energy projects in the entity, favoring those related to clean energy, as well as supporting the consolidation and development of companies in the energy sector for their participation in the production chain in electric power projects ”, are other attributions granted to the new agency.

For the direction of said body, the figure of General Commissioner of Parastatal Entities is also created, who will report to the Head of the Governor’s Office and will preside over the Governing Board of the Agency, its Highest Governing Body.

In addition, said the governing board will be made up of a Technical Secretary, who will be the General Director of the same agency and five members, who will be the heads or their respective representatives of the secretariats of Social Development, Sustainable Development, Finance, Comptroller, of the State Climate Change Commission and a representative of the Advisory Council.

Source: elqueretano.info, meganoticias.mx

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