Green I want you green. Good practices for sustainable urban mobility in Mexico


‘Verde que te quiero verde’ brings together the lessons learned between the governments of Mexico and Germany to transform cities and their mobility.

In order to face the climate crisis and promote a culture of more inclusive, sustainable and safe mobility, organizations presented a guide with good practices of sustainable urban mobility in Mexico, which shows the transformative processes in cities.

The Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu) said that this document is a roadmap for local authorities, which includes tools to influence the planning, diagnoses, regulations, communication, socialization, design and evaluation of sustainable projects.

‘Verde que te quiero verde’ brings together the learnings of the cooperation between the governments of Mexico and Germany , through the German Cooperation for Sustainable Development (GIZ), for a more inclusive, sustainable, and safe mobility, capable of improving the quality of life in the cities, referred to the dependency.

“In the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Valley of Mexico, more than half of the people who travel to work take up to two hours to arrive. Our mobility infrastructure serves mainly the private car, although only a little more than half of the homes have one. Most of the transfers are carried out by public transport, and of these the majority by collective transport ”.

Mariana Orozco Camacho, director of Metropolitan Linkage and Mobility at Sedatu, said that year after year more evidence of the consequences of climate change accumulates, and that by not acting in a timely manner and with concrete actions in the short term, cities will be far from avoiding climate tragedies.

He shared in a statement that activists, consultants, public officials, congressmen and various alliances participated in the document, with the aim of reinforcing actions to guarantee the right to mobility with a focus on sustainability and road safety.

‘Green I want you green. Good practices for sustainable urban mobility in Mexico ‘, is a public document and can be downloaded here: -urban-sustainable-in-mexico? state = published .

Mexico Daily Post