Playa del Carmen police chief begs for more officers to control crime


“I can’t cover the sun with one finger,” said the Chief of the Playa del Carmen Police, Jorge Robles Aguilar.

Approximately 500 more elements are needed by the Playa del Carmen Police to cover the different surveillance and security areas.

Jorge Robles Aguilar, dispatch manager of the Solidarity Ministry of Public Security and Traffic, reported that they currently have approximately 800 elements, however, they need up to 1,300 police officers to meet the needs of the population.

“ Here what we have to do is increase the police staff, as it is very low, we have to have for a municipality in which we are already 350 thousand inhabitants, plus the tourist, almost half a million inhabitants, then the staff would have to be more or less than 1,300 elements, right now we are between 800 to 750 because we go up or down through trust control tests and it is important to raise the workforce ”, commented Robles Aguilar.

In reference to the confidence tests, which are applied by the State Government, he mentioned that the results are diverse, without having a firm tendency of who passes or passes them.

In the monitoring of crime prevention programs, he recognized that there is a big problem of insecurity, but not only in the municipality but also as a tendency to various parts of the planet with urban characteristics, such as the municipality of Solidaridad and in particular its capital. municipal, Playa del Carmen.

“I cannot cover the sun with a finger, it is a world problem, a state that we have, however, public security has been concerned about reinforcing all the operations that we carry out here in Solidarity,” he said.

The crimes with the highest impact in the municipality are homicide, robbery at home, and domestic violence .

“In 80% of the crimes committed there are always detainees,” he pointed out.


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