More than 50 neighborhoods in Puerto Vallarta are still without water


In Puerto Vallarta, the drinking water supply collapsed due to the effects of Hurricane Nora, leaving more than 80% of the municipality without this basic service over the weekend and the first days of the month, little by little it has been restored but there are still 50 neighborhoods without receiving the vital liquid.

SEAPAL Vallarta staff continues to work at forced marches, it transpired that there are still four sources of supply outside, including well 29, which is a total loss.

Colonies without water

This affects almost the entire El Pitillal municipal delegation, from the upper part to Bobadilla, as well as the Playa Grande area, the water is not yet enough to fill the tanks in that area and so they are alternating them.

It should be remembered that originally 13 wells and two galleries were damaged that were left without giving service, but most of them have been repaired. Wells 24 and 36 are likely to start operating this Thursday.

There are so many affectations and so changing the points of low pressure, tangling or flat without service, that the water operator, SEAPAL, has not published the neighborhoods and subdivisions with cuts.

It is known that among the more than fifty colonies with water failures, there are: Ampliación Magisterio, Bobadilla, Bosques del Progreso, Brisas del Pacífico I and II, Carboneras, El Coapinole, Condominios Miramar, Copa del Rey, Del Toro Del Villar , El Calvario, El Mangal and El Progreso.

As well as Ex Hacienda El Pitillal, Fraccionamiento Maralta, Héroes de La Patria, Jardines de la Higuera, Joyas del Pedregal, La Parota, La Playita, La Posta, La Trinidad, Laguna del Valle, Lomas de En Medio, Leandro Valle, Lomas de In the middle, Lomas del Calvario, Lomas del Coapinole, Magisterio Norte and Sur.

Colonies without water

Lomas del Progreso, Palmar del Progreso, Paseo de la Ribera, Pitillal Centro, Playa Grande, Prados de la Montaña, Primavera de Vallarta, Real del Palmar, San Esteban, San Miguel, Villa de Guadalupe, Villas Río and Vista Bahía.

The problem continues to be serious, despite the fact that the supply of drinking water began to be restored on Tuesday night, there are many families who have been without electricity in their keys for 12 days. In the upper part of the Center and December 5, as well as Canoas, Caloso, Las Peñas and Gastronónicos, they have service with interruptions.

The call of Seapal has been constant, to those who have water, to be in solidarity, rationing the vital liquid so that other colonies can recover the supply faster.

No drinking water


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