Chipehua Beach, the charm of the Oaxacan dunes


Oaxaca is a state that stands out for its natural beauty and Chipehua Beach is a clear example, hence it is considered an Oaxacan gem.

Oaxaca is a state that stands out for its beauty and natural charm and Chipehua Beach is the clear example of this, hence it is considered the best secret of the Oaxacan coasts since it is a virgin beach that is far from noise and hustle and bustle, ideal to reconnect with nature.

Chipehua Beach, the earthly paradise of Oaxaca

Chipehua Beach is an idyllic and impressive tropical paradise whose coasts bathe majestically by the waters of the open sea of ​​the Pacific Ocean and surprises locals and strangers for its endless white sand dunes that together with the blue of the sea recreate an earthly paradise .

As we said in the previous paragraph, the open waters of the Pacific Ocean bathe this beach destination (Chipehua) with its emerald color and medium waves, so it is recommended to bathe with caution. This place is characterized by its fishing community and its unbeatable conditions for relaxation.

Here they are dedicated to fishing, so it lacks any hotel infrastructure and tourist services; However, this is not an impediment to enjoying the beauty that has earned it to be considered an ecotourism sanctuary, due to the fact of combining desert and beach in the same place.

What to do in Chipehua Beach?

Some tour guides in the community usually take small excursions to the corners of Chipehua to admire the reefs, take walks through the different wild trails of the region, and horseback riding along the coast through its white sand dunes, as well as surf lessons.

As we said before, here there are no large resorts, much less, but if you want to live the natural adventure, you can rent an ecological cabin that may not be the most luxurious or the most equipped, but it is the coziest and perfect to admire the starry skies and contemplate the beautiful sunsets.

Its waves are also perfect for diving and swimming, as well as doing a bit of snorkeling and surfing, as well as admiring the mangroves where crocodiles are raised and various species of birds meet.

Here relaxation and rest are assured, as well as good food, since being a fishermen’s place you can find delicious dishes prepared with fresh sea products such as fish and shellfish. So if you want to live a unique experience away from the crowds, go to Chipehua beach .

How to get

The closest airport is Huatulco, once in this Oaxacan destination you should go to Salina Cruz, which is the closest city to Chipehua beach (47 km). If you have a car you can take federal highway 200, known as Carretera Costera and follow the signs to Santa Gertrudis Miramar, from there, Chipehua is 4 kilometers away.

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