Mexico becomes the U.S. guard dogs


What happens on the Mexican borders, to the south and north, is a shameful display of institutional cruelty that will go down in the history of disgrace of this century.

Neither the xenophobes of Spain’s Vox have launched it with kicks and rifle butts against migrants, nor the xenophobes that rule Hungary, nor Salvini’s Italians nor Bolsonaro’s Brazilians.

Fotos: Guardia Nacional impide cruce de migrantes en México

In Mexico, the federal government does it.

The National Guard does it, which wears the emblem of our country on the bracelets of the batterers, who step on the faces of children, beat pregnant women and poor people fleeing violence and misery.

It is not the exceptional outburst of a soldier, or of three, but an institutional policy of the government of the Republic.

That demonstration of savagery is to comply with an order of the Supreme Court of the United States and to look good with President Biden, after the error of having played openly in favor of the supremacist Donald Trump.

Mexico is not like that. What’s happening to us?

It happens that we have become indifferent.

There are ways to order and even contain illegal immigration, but the dirtiest way was chosen.

They have to stop that shame.

Even if they put 20 or 100 statues of indigenous people on the Paseo de la Reforma, they will never remove the stain of having kicked, trampled, and crammed human beings in an unsanitary pigsty to live under the protection of the law.

It goes to the background that the orchestrators and executors of this barbarity are from the party that says “the poor first.”

The inadmissible thing is that they do it with the national shield in the arm, and in the name of Mexico.

The images do not lie, and what is seen is not judged: the National Guard turns around and lets go of armed and insolent drug traffickers, but attacks underprivileged Haitians and women with their children clutched to their chests.

Criminal groups have murdered more than 100,000 people so far in this AMLO government. And they are allowed to continue their macabre march.

How many Mexicans have Guatemalans, Salvadorans, Haitian women, or the children they carry on their backs killed? None.

Enviarían a más de mil elementos a reforzar la contención de migrantes | El  Economista

Against them, all the fury of the militarized body that was created in this administration.

The high-level meeting held today by the United States and Mexico is the latest call to stop this atrocity perpetrated by the Mexican National Guard on the southern and northern borders of the country.

One practical and immediate solution is for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to allocate more resources to support organizations that host Central American and Caribbean migrants in Mexico.

When Trump imposed “Stay in Mexico” on the recently launched Mexican government, our authorities accepted it without asking for money to operate it. And the United States, obviously, did not give it either.

That has to be different with Biden. They are not the same.

The federal budget in this country has not yet been approved, and it is the ideal time to make the necessary adjustments.

It is not logical that Mexico receives only 157 million dollars of direct aid, compared to the more than 400 million dollars assigned to Colombia. Today Mexico plays a more strategic role for the US than Colombia.

Only with resources can we have “waiting rooms” in acceptable humanitarian conditions. If Mexico does not want to allocate money to that task that was assigned and accepted, let the United States provide it.

This is the time to demand it. What cannot be done is to continue with such savagery in our territory (I suggest reading, in the case of Haitians, Haitians-in-chiapas ).

México: Empeoran condiciones de detención de migrantes en la frontera sur -  Noticias de América

The international organization Doctors Without Borders issued a statement this week in which it announced “an emergency intervention in the city of Tapachula, Chiapas, where some 40,000 people are trapped by the failure of the asylum system.”

He denounced “the overcrowded conditions and lack of access to medical services and social services suffered by these communities in both the north and the south” of Mexico.

“These people find themselves with few shelter alternatives, overcrowded or in a street situation with precarious sanitary conditions and risk of contagion by Covid-19,” said Christoph Jankhöfer, coordinator in Mexico of the MSF migrant project.

They are tens of thousands. Until that, not so many.

Doesn’t the Mexican government want to spend money to treat refugees with dignity?

That is demanded of the United States because that is where the migrants go.

But they must stop that shame as soon as possible.

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