PET opens a new hostel in Migriño Cabo San Lucas


PET association dedicated to the sterilization and adoption of pets opens in Migriño CSL

Aida Trujillo, president and founder of Rancho de las Segundo Oportunidades “PET” (Early Sterilization Program) Los Cabos, together with her husband Evaristo Castro and guests, carried out the inauguration of the facilities of this shelter that will promote and strengthen free and low-cost sterilization programs for dogs and cats, as well as pet adoption.

He indicated that today in the municipality of Los Cabos there is a serious problem of overpopulation of domestic animals, so PET in August 2017 looked for the mechanisms to develop sterilization programs in both dogs and cats, the purpose of which is to discourage this health problem. public.

PET Los Cabos
Inauguration of a PET shelter in Migriño CSL.

“There are not enough houses for all pets, in addition to working on the issue of educating the population on this issue and sterilizing dogs and cats, we have evolved, in addition to the fact that the need is very great in the community; We started with a rescue here, that we are going to pick up this little animal and rehabilitate it to give it up for adoption ”.

He stressed that PET has been growing and fortunately with the support of friends, family, community and contacts in the United States and Canada, homes have been found for these wonderful animals that are deserving of affection.

ld also be noted that the local adoption program has worked, there are very loving families at the local level.”

He said that fortunately, they have the opportunity to create this shelter on their property and in which an average of 25 dogs will be given comfortable care, the future project is to have an area for cats.

“This space will be a place where people will be able to come to socialize with the dogs and see the ones that are up for adoption.”

He concluded that in the future they will have an area for cats, which will also be up for adoption, in addition to the fact that the space is ideal for people to spend time with nature and with pets, he also said he has rescued horses of all ages, as well like donkeys.


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