These are the five Franciscan missions of Querétaro that you should visit


These are the five Franciscan missions of Querétaro that you should know

Although Querétaro is known for the cobbled streets of the Historic Center of the city that keep relevant anecdotes of the freedom of Mexico, there are other magical places and places that can be visited in this majestic entity, the Franciscan missions being one of them.

Between 1751 and 1766 the Franciscan friars built, together with indigenous Pames, five missions in the Sierra Gorda: Jalpan, Concá, Tancoyol, Landa and Tilaco; which were named in 2003 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

It should be noted that on this route you can see European and indigenous symbols, which creates a mestizo baroque style or, also called, novohispano.

Mission Santiago de Jalpan

The Magic Town of Jalpan is the headquarters of the Santiago de Jalpan Mission. This was built between 1751 and 1758, being the first work carried out by the Franciscan friars. On the façade you can see the statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe and on the other side that of the Virgen del Pilar. They are the spiritual patterns of Mexico and Spain, which symbolizes the equality of forces of both worlds.

Mission of San Miguel Concá

The Mission of San Miguel Concá is the smallest of all. This is located 38 kilometers from Jalpan and was built between 1754 and 1758. The area in which this temple is located is privileged, as it has several natural attractions such as the Sótano del Barro.

Mission Santa María del Agua de Landa 

The route continues the Mission Santa María del Agua de Landa, located in Landa de Matamoros. In this site, you can also visit La Joya de Hielo located in the Ejido del Madroño where you will see fossils of 100 million years of existence.

Mission San Francisco del Valle de Tilaco

Later, 25 kilometers away, is Mission San Francisco del Valle de Tilaco. It should be noted that this town belongs to the municipality of Landa de Matamoros, a place where you can also visit the Museum of Agricultural Art and the Tilaco Community Museum.

Tancoyol Mission

Almost an hour away from Tilaco is the Tancoyol Mission, dedicated to Our Lady of Light. Here you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes that nature offers.

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