Today more than ever Oaxaca is the best wedding destination in Mexico


The trend for 2022 is Oaxaca, for its calm sunrises, colonial streets, its cultural and gastronomic wealth.

A destination wedding is to create an experience for your guests, it is to make the most memorable memories for your family and friends who are traveling to share with you the most important day of your life and there is a destination in Mexico that has the perfect combination for that wedding. that you dream so much, that city is Oaxaca.

Oaxaca, it is flavor, it is color, it is the magic of the historical destination and the charm in every corner and it is the beautiful city that never stops surprising you. Oaxaca is the calm sunrises, it is the beauty of Santo Domingo, the perfection of its colonial streets, but it is also a range of possibilities for your next wedding.


As part of my proposal for wedding trends for 2022, I undertook a trip to Oaxaca and decided to use the black clay of Oaxaca as inspiration, the yellow of the Guayacan tree, to create a style full of contrasts, like the city itself. Yellow, black, clay, the colors of Oaxaca used on the table to create unforgettable colors on your wedding day. Mexican women are always into the details when it comes to weddings.

In my tour of Atzompa, the land of green clay, I was inspired to create Oaxaca green forever, a style for weddings with all the touch of green clay, with the color of the Oaxacan fields, with the tone of the holy leaf, with the Mexican from the cacti and the fields, the nopal, Oaxaca verde, is brilliant and is ideal for an Oaxacan wedding with magical and organic hues.


The most interesting venues for weddings are in Oaxaca, it was a pleasure to visit them, meet them and be able to share them: 

El Cardenal: It is the new spot for weddings, with all the comforts, but also with all the style of the city. It is located a few steps from Santo Domingo, its renovated facilities are the best option for those looking for a space with a lot of architectural sense and comfort for your guests.


Criollo: If you are looking for a wedding with a lot of flavors and in a space 100% with Oaxacan style, Criollo is for you. Enrique Olvera’s restaurant in Oaxaca is the coolest and most relaxed space in the city, ideal for a family-style wedding as if you were in the courtyard of a Mexican house, but with the highest gastronomic experience.

Ethnobotanical Garden: The classic venue par excellence, which is part of the cultural center of Santo Domingo, it is a beautiful space full of hundreds of species of plants, all native to Oaxaca and it was also a convent, all this helps so that we have the most space original for a wedding and in the heart of the city. Many weddings have been held here and it is so beautiful that you don’t need the biggest productions since the place itself is already spectacular.


Proyecto Murguia: If you are looking for a very original venue or an unusual space in Proyecto Murguia you will find it because it is a majestic house in Ruinas, which lived its glory days in the first half of the 20th century, but now it is an incredible space that transports you to another era but at the same time is a very contemporary space. Its almost demolished walls will fill your wedding with originality, do not stop considering it.

Without doubting that Oaxaca offers a lot to the world, it has been declared the best city in the world to visit by Travel Leisure in 2020, and that is a sample of all the wealth and beauty that exists in this state, whether you are thinking of doing your wedding or spending a few days … Oaxaca has no equal.


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