Mexico prohibits cosmetic experimentation on animals and the sale of products tested on animals


The Senate endorsed the reform to the General Health Law to prohibit the use of animals in testing cosmetic products; up to 14 years in jail for those who do not comply

By unanimous vote of  103 votes, the Senate of the Republic endorsed the reform to the General Health Law to prohibit the use of animals in cosmetic product tests, which provides penalties of up to 14 years in prison for whoever hires, authorizes or participates in said practices.


The coordinator Morena in the Senate, Ricardo Monreal, who proposed the initiative, said it is “a historic day” to the approving this legislation for manufacturers of beauty products to stop using live animals for experiments.

“It contains not only the prohibition for the use of live animals but also contains that in the labeling the articles that are produced and manufactured with the use of animals are prohibited and can be insured by the authority and in addition to this, they can also be closed the commercial establishments that are dedicated to the sale of articles made with animals “Ricardo Monreal, Morena coordinator in the Senate

“In addition, it establishes an economic sanction and a criminal sanction for those who dare to use, authorize, commercialize or transmit them in any of their forms, so it is a historic day for these living beings,” he said from the rostrum of the Upper house .

In this context, Senator Martha Márquez, of the PAN, criticized that it is classified as a historic day when the supply of medicines is still pending, and particularly complained about the issue to the president of the Health Commission, Américo Villarreal, who affirmed that there have been important advances.

She expressed her disagreement with the work that has been carried out in said commission, in the face of the pandemic and in the midst of the crisis due to the lack of medicines.

“Senator Américo says that we have advanced, that we are going to position ourselves at the global level, we are positioned in the first place in the death of doctors and you are a doctor and I do not admit that as president of the Health Commission we are celebrating an opinion that treats children with cancer like animals and animals like people “Martha Márquez, PAN Senator

In response, Senator Américo Villarreal, from Morena, pointed out that Senator Martha Márquez has missed four of the six meetings of the Health Commission, so she has not been aware of the efforts that have been made.

However, the PAN senator questioned him on what relevant issues have been addressed in the commission: “Pure nonsense, senator, excuse me,”


Mexico Daily Post

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