INM Cancun agents detain Lebanese tourists for no apparent reason


The World Lebanese Cultural Union Cancun Delegation denounces the mistreatment of Lebanese tourists by the INM

Cancun.- The World Lebanese Cultural Union Cancun Delegation submitted a complaint to the National Institute of Migration (INM), for four cases, to date, which, allegedly, have violated the human rights of tourists from Lebanon who want to visit this Cancun and have been returned to their country.

The most recent case, he pointed out, was when a Lebanese citizen was detained for four hours without any explanation, his cell phone was detained, he was prevented from communicating with the people who were waiting for him at the airport. He also did not give any explanation and, finally, arguing that his visa and passport were false, he was returned to his country.

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“They gave him a paper without signatures, or stamp, without further explanation, and they returned him on a 17-hour flight, he paid a ticket of two or three thousand dollars for this trip,” the President of the aforementioned Union told Radio Fórmula, Sergio Rojano Saján.

“We ask for the restitution, it is not the only case, there are three other cases, it is a sad and delicate situation that
speaks ill of Cancun abroad.”

For his part, the vice president of the Union, George Estefan Kuri, said that the tourist in question came with a tourist visa granted by the Mexican Embassy in Beirut, an authorized official visa, and a valid passport, as well as a one-way ticket. and return and payment for a vacation apartment in advance.

“A Visa of that quality must be respected and taken into account, in the note with which they returned to my countryman it says: ‘we suspect that the documents are apocryphal’, why didn’t they carry out an official investigation if that was the case? but they didn’t, it was easier to put him on the plane back

The World Lebanese Cultural Union Cancun Delegation asked for the restitution of the economic damage caused to his countryman, as well as an explanation, and that this type of cases do not happen again, but until now, they have had no response from the migration authorities.


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