There will be no Independence celebrations this September 15 in Los Cabos


Armida Castro Guzmán, municipal president of Los Cabos, announced that the change of the Health Alert Traffic Light from orange to yellow means that society has understood the importance of keeping the health protocols, waiting and the number of cases Covid-19 continue to decline, he asked the population not to lower their guard on the preventive issue to avoid this September 15 the fourth wave of infections, asserting that for its part the celebration of the Cry of Independence will be held behind closed doors and of virtual way.

“There will be shouting as we did last year, complying with all the institutional framework and the civic act, but without a call, the event will be like last year, we invite you to convene at your home and not hold large meetings to understand that, even if we are we have to take care of our health when we celebrate ”.

Los Cabos beaches will remain open with a capacity of 30%

He said that after having had more than 1,687 active cases of Covid-19 weeks ago and hospital capacity collapsed, society, fortunately, heeded the call of the authorities, in which there was an organization between government institutions and the population, understanding that the Mobility had to be partially stopped, the only ones that did not stop were the spaces that generate employment and the economy.

“We are in a very important advance so we must prevent Covid-19 cases from growing, for example days ago we were between 300 and 500 for 2 weeks, it was not constant, however we have a week down,” so we cannot lower our guard, on the contrary it is time to ensure and reinforce preventive measures ”. 

He also urged the population to avoid the fourth wave of Covid-19 infections this national month, emphasizing that the third wave of active things in Mexico began in Los Cabos, unfortunately, many family and friends were lost, it is time to understand that the experience acquired should not be wasted but rather be valued in this change of the Health Alert Traffic Light.

“We have to take care of ourselves, it is not a green light or absolute freedom, it is a process and civic behavior in which it must be understood that it is permanent until the pandemic has disappeared.”


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