There will be internet coverage for all of Mexico in 2023, says AMLO


The first promise was that all of Mexico would have internet in 2021, as stated in the second government report of President López Obrador. A month later the goal was postponed to 2022 according to the secretary of education, Esteban Moctezuma, and now once again the president has postponed the goal, now to 2023, in his third government report.

” In 2023 the entire national territory will have access to the internet,” the president said in the morning.

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No sign of CFE Telecomunicaciones

In the same presentation of results, it was said that more than 85,000 communities have access and will reach 122,000 next year. It is clear that the reference is the population coverage of the Altán Shared Network which, according to Altán’s own, social coverage already reaches 86,713 localities within which 77,090 have less than 250 inhabitants and 100% of the social coverage plan is It will fulfill, according to Altán, in January 2022.

When that happens, the Red Compartida will reach 70% of the country’s total.

Of course, reach is not equal to access. With a cut to 2019 something like 88% of the population in the country had coverage, but only 70% had an internet connection. Precisely one of the tools to facilitate the issue of access to affordable costs is CFE Telecomunicaciones, a public non-profit company. However, although CFE Telecomunicaciones was created in 2019, there was no mention of it in the government report.

According to the latest report by INEGI and IFT, in Mexico, there are 84.1 million internet users, which represents 72% of the population aged six years or more, an increase of 1.9 percentage points compared to 2019. If this rhythm continues, it would take 15 years for everyone over six years of age in Mexico to have access to the internet.


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