Durango teacher denounced for mocking the only student who returned to face-to-face classes


The minor returned in person because he does not have internet access

Through social networks, a case was made known that caused the discontent of Durango citizens in general, after a publication in the famous WhatsApp statuses, as well as a message addressed to a mother of a family.

The event occurred after due to the lack of internet access, only a small one returned to face-to-face classes at the “Arquímides” Kindergarten, located in the town of El Nayar.

Given this, the teacher asked the child’s mother to go every day to disinfect and clean the room, as well as bring her cleaning products, since her son is the only one who is attending in person.

“Hello. Good afternoon, to ask the mother of the only child who attends classes as a favor, starting tomorrow I would have to clean and disinfect the room every day, I would have to bring her cloth and bleach to be able to do the cleaning in the classroom, it would only be your turn, madam, every day since you are the only child who attends in person “, reads the message sent via WhatsApp.

In addition, in a state of the same mobile application, the teacher posted a meme in which you can read “Happy back to school, Hernández Funerals wishes you”, an action that puzzled parents by making fun of the situation lives in the country with the third wave of infections by Covid-19.

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This act has caused hundreds of reactions in the state of Durango, Internet users wondered where the quartermaster staff is, some others defended the teacher arguing that it is also the job of the parents to collaborate with the educational institution and the sanitary filters to safeguard the health of minors.”Where is the professional ethics of this teacher when exposing a minor with these actions, the image that rose is outrageous, it is assumed that the teachers have love for their profession, with their actions it shows the opposite. The child does not She has access to the internet and that is why she has to attend. She does not know the effort that my grandmother makes to send it, “wrote a relative of the minor on Facebook.

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Angry citizens, Angry parents demand the teacher removal

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