Consulting firm to conduct surveys in Quintana Roo towns where the Maya Train stations will be located


QUINTANA ROO, MEXICO (August 31, 2021).- A consulting firm has begun making visits to areas when Maya Train stations will be built. The National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism (Fonatur) said personnel from the international consulting firm McKinsey began making the visits to help them design the various upcoming stations.

Information is being collected through the community intervention strategy Vía Social. The collected information will be used in the creation of Maya Train station designs with the goal of creating a “repeat travel experience” for visitors while ensuring a positive coexistence for the hosting community.

Fonatur says the consulting firm has carried out user-centered experience design studies in the towns of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Chetumal, Bacalar, Pedro A. Santos, Limones, Tulum, and Nuevo Xcan, which will cover sections 4 and 6 of the Maya Train.

From there, visits to various institutions such as the Universidad Politécnica de Bacalar, the Comisariado Ejidal de Pedro A. Santos and the Asociación Civil Toshonos Pro Discapacidad were made, explained Federico Gutiérrez Schott, a consultant for the firm.

In a session with students from the Universidad Politécnica de Bacalar, Gutiérrez Schott said that their studies will allow the construction of the Maya Train stations “prioritizing the needs of users, be they older adults, students, visitors or workers or people with disabilities so that it is for everyone.”

On August 30, the Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco, explained that the connectivity of the 19 Maya Train stations will allow the tourist to visit any of the states along its route with the opportunity to opt for a trip and stay.

“The route of the Maya Train, which can be traveled in any direction and with the 62 options of up to three-night tours that it will offer, will give visitors the possibility of experiencing the Mayan region like never before,” he said in a statement.

Source: RMN

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