Mazatlan population warned earlier to evacuate Jabalines stream area floodwaters now overflows into residential neighborhoods


The rains will continue in the afternoon, civil protection begins to evict the population near the tributary

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- When the Jabalines stream overflowed as a result of the rains generated by the “Nora” pass, elements of Civil Protection and Public Security began with the evacuation of inhabitants of the colonies that adjoin the tributary, among them Jacarandas subdivision, Lico Velarde, Extension November 20 and Bureaucrat.

Gestion de Zona Costera/Alumno: Area del Sistema Arroyo Jabalines-Estero  Infiernillo.

The invitation to the affected families is to take refuge in the closest shelters.

According to a press release, Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres made the call to the population, after taking a tour of the area and verifying the high water level in the Jabalines stream.

“It is worrying that it will still continue to rain and the level of the channel is very high. The shelters are ready, especially the one at the ICO, which is the closest one. Whoever likes to be transferred, we are ready to do so,” he said.

Elements of municipal public security and Civil Protection participate in the route to evacuate people.

Since 8:00 in the morning, Mazatlán has been in the red phase due to the passage of the meteorological phenomenon “Nora”, which since yesterday deteriorated from a hurricane to a tropical storm.

El arroyo Jabalines, en Mazatlán, está a punto de desbordarse

The forecast for the next few hours is that the tropical storm will continue to cause light to moderate rains in the south during the afternoon-night.

Inhabitants of the neighborhood guard their belongings, prior to the overflowing of the Jabalines stream

They pointed out that for several hours the lining of the canal served to prevent flooding, during which time they managed to save their furniture.

With several years settled a few meters away from the “Jabalines” stream, inhabitants of the Ampliación 20 de Noviembre neighborhood in Mazatlán said they were little concerned about the functionality of the lining works since until noon on Sunday the water had not reached their houses, as it happened before this work.

With a channel grown to its maximum capacity, which generated in some points of the colony flooding and the overflow of the stream, most of the colony was maintained only with the water that ran through the roof vent, however, through a large amount of water from rainfall, the overflow was estimated early on, and although they were invited to evacuate, many decided to stay.

“It is very likely that it may overflow when it rises, well, because I think this will last a long time and it is almost certain that it will overflow and we must protect all the things we have here, yes, containment is very useful if no, it would have already overflowed since when ”.

“Well, yes, it has not come out, but there we are waiting to see what, yes, well everyone, you see, we already put a wall and then little by little, God only knows, the truth.”

With the experience that the years have left them, in which year after year in each heavy rain it has caused even the loss of appliances and furniture, on this occasion many prepared by climbing them on platforms made of brick or on the upper floors of their homes, since these appliances and devices are not replaced by government support.

“Well, the fence a bit, but anyway, look, it is already coming off, as it rains everywhere the water runs here, yes, we have already raised the furniture.”

Year after year battling, right?

“Yes, and we lose things and they give us a little stove, some fans, and the rest?”

Se desborda Arroyo Jabalines y el agua se mete a las casas del  Fraccionamiento Jacarandas

The fall of rains in the port until 1:00 p.m., marked a cumulative of 133.8 cubic millimeters, which generated an increase in the levels of the water body, and with it, the flooding in various parts of the city, thus like the overflow of some canals that cross the city.


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